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Zymbol Wrap & Tuck Women's Bracelet

Zymbol Wrap & Tuck Women’s Bracelet with the message that started it all – “Love is All U Need” and a Peace Symbol

Alone, the Zymbol Interactive Wrap & Tuck bracelet design is eye-catching, unique and sure to grab attention.  When someone comments on it (and they always do), it’s also a great ice breaker because it has a fascinating story behind it.  The founder, Sally Short, drew a doodle on paper one day.  She wrote the words “Love is All U Need” with the letters overlaying each other.  A peace symbol completed the design. Sally sent the design off to be cast in to a “Love and Peace” pendent. When it arrived, one of the family noticed that, if you turn the pendent on its side, she could see the letter K.  Upon further inspection, the family realized that not only was every letter in the pendents, but so was every number.

I am not what you would call a jewelry buff.  In fact, I rarely wear any jewelry at all unless it carries special significance.  My wedding band, my husband’s family heirloom, and a few rings my grandmother gave me are the only rings I wear.  I wear a pin on a chain around my neck occasionally.  It’s an orchid that David gave to me for my 16th birthday.  I held on to it even though we broke up.  Now, it represents how our relationship has blossomed and we are together again. I have a Zymbol necklace pendent and, this week, I added the Zymbol Wrap & Tuck bracelet to my collection.  That is of course, if my daughter, Lydia, doesn’t manage to talk me out of it. She loves both the design and the idea behind it.

The Zymbol symbol represents whatever you want it to represent.  A template card comes with it to help you find the letters and doubles as a gift card.  Just fill out the “To” and “From” fields and trace out the message on the spaces in the card.  It even has a cheat sheet at the bottom to make it easy to find the letters.

zymbol card

Trace your message on the card to relay its significance to the recipient.

Zymbol is a Perfect Gift

I can see all kinds of unique gift-giving opportunities here.  For Christmas, you could spell out your favorite holiday greetings.  For an anniversary, you could spell out the couple’s names and anniversary date.  Mother’s Day or Father’s day, the Zymbol could spell out your kids names.   The parent could wear them to remember their wonderful children when they are apart.

Sometimes, I wear symbols to remind myself of something important that I don’t necessarily need or want other people understanding.  For instance, a recovering alcoholic could use it to remember the date he or she committed to sobriety, or the Serenity prayer.  That’s the wonderful thing about a Zymbol.  There are several billion people on this planet and each person could use it to remember something different.  It is truly interactive. And it’s powerful.  You can wear your message boldly and keep it as private as you want.  Wear it as a reminder.  Wear it for inspiration.  Wear it as a conversational ice breaker.  You can also change the message daily to suit your needs, if you wanted.

It’s also multilingual.  As long as the language uses the Roman Alphabet, they could wear the Zymbol Interactive charm to represent any non-english message.  The Zymbol crosses cultural boundaries, is unisex and extremely personal to every person.  How many symbols can you think of that manage that?

Social Impact

Also, every time someone buys a Zymbol, they gift an acrylic Zymbol to a Children’s hospital.  That child undergoing surgeries or chemotherapy now has a unique charm to remind them that there is hope.  They have something tangible to inspire them to keep fighting.  The YouTube video on that link really demonstrates how each child finds a unique inspiration and how a Zymbol has helped, not only them, but also their parents to remember that they are warriors, as strong as Iron Man and there is hope.  CAUTION: RUNNY MASCARA ALERT!  So, by getting one to encourage someone you love, you are also helping a sick child.

Special Request

Right now, QVC is taking votes on which new products to add to their line and Zymbol is in the running!  Would you hop over to the QVC Sprouts page and give them a vote?  Just click the “Yes, This Sounds Interesting” button.  I feel that a company that offers such a unique product and gives back to the community in such a meaningful way really deserves a bit of a boost! Voting ends on December 20 and so does this giveaway!

How to Put the Zymbol Wrap and Tuck Bracelet On

The Zymbol Wrap and Tuck Women’s bracelet will fit almost any wrist regardless of size.  You just pull the string as tight as you want it to go, wrap it around the bracelet and tuck it under.  It stays put and is a perfect fit. I have very small wrists, and haven’t had any problems the fit at all.

Other News of Note

In addition to bracelets, Zymbol also carries necklace pendents, earrings, and charms for both men and women.  Available in sterling silver, stainless steel, pewter, wood and colored acrylic, you can find your unique Zymbol that is as unique as you are.  They even have one etched into dog tags.  These would make a good gift for a returning soldier to remember the date they reunite with their family, or some other memorable date.

You can also learn more about Zymbol on their website, or by liking them on Facebook.

HOW TO ENTER to a Zymbol Wrap & Tuck Bracelet

Mandatory entries are shown initially.  Completing them and submitting your name and email, are required to enter and to unlock the optional bonus entries and daily entry options.  There are multiple bonus entry opportunities. You may see them all by clicking the “Options” link on the form.  Presenting entry opportunities one at a time is the default.

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  1. You Choose Your Destiny… That would be my message. Thanks for the giveaway. I really like this one.

  2. I would like the same Think Positive symbol. My new years resolution for 2014 is to remain positive through all the tough times.

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