Xbox 360 Kinect Review and Demonstration

Xbox 360 Kinect Review

Xbox 360 Kinect Review
Pros: Kinect is an active video game system. You cannot sit in one place and play Kinect games. You must be up moving around. It’s a fun and different way to enjoy fitness on even the coldest of days., There are several sports and fitness related games to keep you moving.

Cons: The Kinect will not work correctly unless lighting is ideal. Otherwise, your avatar will not move in the way that you expect. I have had to resort to hanging heavy blankets on sunny days because blinds did not block enough light. Kinect requires a large playing space in order to take advantage of multiplayer features.

Bought this product at: Microsoft Store in Mall of America (but it’s widely available elsewhere)
Kinect is a great way to stay active while still enjoying your game console or TV. You are the controller, unlike other motion consoles that require you to hold a controller in your hand to operate it. Additionally, the Kinect can be voice operated – and provides a completely interactive environment for the XBox360 – even outside of gaming. Kinect works with Netflix and Hulu on the Xbox, the dashboard and other Xbox add-ons. You can also use it as a video chat console with other people who have a Kinect.

It is a bit light sensitive, meaning too much light or not enough light will cause your Kinect to not work as expected. With a little experimenting, however (turning on and off lights in the path of the Kinect sensor) will usually render acceptable results.

There are a TON of Kinect games

. The Kinect games are fun, but most of them are sports or fitness related. I would really like to see some games developed to appeal to more hard-core gamers (like myself). I am thinking Left4Dead for the Kinect would be an awesome addition – so I could get in shape and bash in Zombies!

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