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Both Mittens and Autumn became very curios about what has thwarted them!

Both Mittens and Autumn became very curios about what has thwarted them!

Do you have cats?  We have four and they LOVE to scratch on things.  Most cats prefer carpet on stairs and in door frames.  Sometimes, it’s necessary to find a deterrent to undesirable behaviors until you can successfully train your cats that where their appropriate scratching areas are (i.e – not your carpet).

Both my husband and I work from our home office.  We were sharing a bedroom office with hardwood floor, but that was very cramped.  Recently two of our sons moved out of the house, so we decided to take over the carpeted basement.  Normally, when the cats hung out in the basement with David and I while we were working, it didn’t pose a problem.  However, now the cats have discovered the carpet in the basement.  While I work to teach the cats that clawing the carpet is inappropriate behavior, we are renting this place and I needed a fix until they learn to leave carpets, especially in the doorways.

Thankfully, I found a solution before they did any serious damage.  I found CarPET Scratch Stopper.  It’s a hard plastic sheet contoured to fit under doors.  While they are thin enough to fit under a standard door with carpeting, they are durable and come with a 5 year warranty.  The cats can’t scratch the carpet through the plastic, so it CarPET Scratch Stopper works immediately to protect the carpet.  As soon as I put it down at the door frame, my two scratchers (Autumn and Mittens) became very curious.  Check it out! Can’t scratch through that, huh?

CarPET Scratch Stopper is safe for your cats and won’t damage your carpet.  It’s translucent, so it doesn’t clash with your decor colors.  We just leave in ours in place.  It’s easy to use.  You just put it in your door frame and it works immediately.  It comes in 3 sizes to fit most US standard door frames.  CarPET Scratch Stopper comes with a 5 year warranty and, right not, they are on sale for buy 1 and get one at 50% off.  Considering how much money it will save us in carpet repair bills (or losing our damage deposit), it is definitely worth the investment.    I also love that they support some special causes like the ASPCA, Best Friends and the Paw Project.

Oh – if you really want some sweet stories, check out their “About Us” page and read about how the founder met each of her four cats.

You can check them on their website, Facebook or Follow them on Pinterest.

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32 thoughts on “*Winner Announced* Enter to win a CarPET Scratch stopper

  1. Every one of those stories is heart warming and I can not choose between them! I so totally agree with leaving claws right where they belong-on the cat!!

  2. The story about Ripley touches my heart because we have tamed feral cats, and this story sounds similar because it took a while for the cats to learn to trust us, too.

  3. I like Blackie’s story. I have a black cat too (Mikey) that I found all matted with dirt and covered with fleas and someone had shot him with a bb gun (he still has one bb in his flank that the vet can’t get out). Black cats need special love!

  4. I read all the stories but I find the one about Ripley the most touching. As a foster parent I dealt with abandoned children and know how hard it is for them to learn to trust. Animals also suffer from abandonment and it breaks my heart that someone could be so cruel to just throw a living thing by the wayside.

  5. I love the story about Rose the cat because she stuck with this abandoned until she gained the cat’s trust. Love the part about meeting in the rose garden.
    Thanks for the chance.

  6. i liked the story about Chloe the best….reminds me of the two cats I have, and how I was blessed to get them( from the shelter), thanks

  7. I read them all and they are unique in their own ways, I have similiar stories as I would assume most cat lovers do. I started at a young age and received a kitten for a gift when I was 4 from a shelter. She was the love of my life and lived to be 22yrs. old and paved the way for 5 other cats, all of which were rescues. I have never had to adopt from a shelter and I wish with all of my heart people would see them as more than just a cat. Fix your pets!!!!! Take care of your pets!!!!!! Its truly heart breaking to me.

  8. I like Rose story, I have several abandoned neighborhood cats that I feed. I now have names for all of them.

  9. awww they all are great but blackie if my favorite!! i am same way i have recued 2 dogs and thinking really hard about a cat.

  10. Rose, I like Rose’s Story & Blackie’s too (it was hard to choose) THANKS for the chance to WIN! I am entering for my sister. Her apartment building just had a fire and they had to evacuate leaving all pet toys and such behind, due to smoke

    Rose was an abandoned neighborhood cat. I had noticed that after we used the bbq, we would see her licking the pavement under the grill. After seeing this a few times, I decided to leave her some food on my bench in our backyard rose garden. I did this routine until one day she let me sit with her. From then on, she showed up at the back door daily, and seeing her sad little face, I decided yet again to adopt another kid. I named her Rose because that is where we would meet, in the rose garden. She is extremely playful and keeps the older cats on their toes.

  11. The most touching story to me is Blackie because I can only imagine how scared she must have been as a kitten. How cool that she found a loving home.

  12. Blackie – black cats are a weakness for me (I guess because so many think ill of them – but usually have the best personality) – kudos to her for ignoring the sewer smell etc and going out of her way to add a member to the family – great job!

  13. I myself have rescued, in one way or another, all 7 of my cats. They all have their own unique stories and I feel for all of them. Chloe and Blackie hit home with me because they have similar stories to 2 of my cats. They are all very heartwarming!!

  14. All four stories tugged at my heartstrings, but I will have to say that the story of Blackie got to me the most. I have three cats – all strays we found, and none in horrible condition. I have five dogs (all rescues) and three of the five have had really hard lives before coming to me. One of the other two, my Ran, was given up by her first adopter just four days after having the vet verify that she was deaf. I adopted her knowing of her disability, which in truth is NOT a disability, but a special ability. Deaf animals are so often passed over, and yet they can lead totally normal lives. My Ran is the smallest of my five Treeing Walker Coonhounds, and people don’t know she’s deaf until I tell them. She knows hand signals for basic commands, and uses her other senses to pick up cues from her environment. She’s amazing, as I’m sure Blackie is. Dogs and cats that are deaf from birth never know anything else, and adapt beautifully to life with hearing people and other furbabies.

  15. Chloe, because her time was up, and she knew it.Then, she hugged her new owner.
    Who could resist taking her home then.

    All of my cats are abandoned, strays. I have 3 indoor, and 15 strays we feed now.

  16. The story of Ripley touched my heart the most because I too have adopted a quiet and shy cat and had to earn her trust before she would let me love on her. I have had her for 4 years now and she is a precious member of our family.

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