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Free Kids Book from Tyndale Rewards

Tyndale Rewards

Tyndale Rewards - TJ and the Time Stumblers Tyndale Press publishes Christian fiction, non-fiction, children’s books and Bibles.  Sign up for the Tyndale Rewards program and you could score a free book right off the bat. US only.  You get 25 points for signing up.  Check your email for your password.  Log-in to the site and click on “Earn Points”.  Join the birthday club to score 15 more points and you have enough to get a free “TJ and the Time Stumblers” book.  Keep on saving up points and get a free Narnia book on audio.

Of course, the rewards are subject to change, but they have a bunch available now – and several ways to earn more points!

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Free movie stickers from GetGlue (US/Canada?)

Woohoo!  Free Movie Stickers from GetGlue!

Free movie stickers from GetGlue

Get free movie stickers from GetGlue.

Do you use FourSquare, Check in on Facebook or some other check-in program? is kind of like that, but you check in to  TV Shows you are currently watching or Movies.  You earn stickers for your check-ins and some of them, like the Batman sticker featured here, are limited edition for special activities.

After you unlock 20 stickers, they will send them to you by mail!  Very cool!  You can even quick rate movies and activities and GetGlue will suggest others that you might like.  In the meantime, I am gonna get busy unlocking more stickers!  So far, I’ve received several sticker shipments, including one for being a movie buff and seeing movies on opening day!

I received my another shipment of them today and I can’t wait to start sticking my Free movie stickers from GetGlue to things.  I’m sure my kids will really like them.

I am not sure if this is limited to the US or includes Canada.  If you are from Canada, can you please let me know?  Thanks!

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Bing Rewards – Earn Rewards from Microsoft for searching with Bing

Bing Rewards – Earn Rewards for Searching

Bing Rewards

You search the internet, right?  Well, switch to Microsoft Bing and start earning rewards for your searches.  You can earn Amazon gift cards, Redbox movie rentals, Starbucks gift cards, hotel stays, free Fandango codes, Xbox live points, donations to your favorite charity, sweepstakes entries and lots of other stuff.

I already earned enough for an Amazon gift card and can’t wait to redeem it!  I am going to keep saving up, too to reach Gold Status.  If yo get gold status, you can redeem rewards for fewer points.  It’s probably my favorite place to shop online.  What are you going to redeem your rewards for?

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Free stuff from Klout – Eclos Beauty Kit!

Free stuff from Klout

free stuff from klout

I just got a free Eclos Beauty kit from Klout! Also, today, I got a free McDonald’s gift card in the mail from klout!  Hurry and sign in to your account to see if you got one, too. PLEASE NOTE:  Not everyone gets this.  If you are an existing member and don’t get it, your topics of influence may not fit the profile they are looking for or your Klout Score may not be high enough.  If you have a new Klout account, you probably won’t get it.   It’s still worth signing up though because they frequently have new stuff.

Get lots of free stuff from Klout.  Klout is an online social measurement service.  They look at your activity on your favorite social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.  They then measure that influence and gather your favorite discussion topics.  Based on those topics, you periodically earn free stuff from Klout.

In the past couple of months, I have gotten a free poster, a couple of bottles of free Essie Nail Polish, a free Chili’s gift card, a couple of Visa Cash Gift Cards, a free bottle of wine, a wine set and free concert tickets.  If you would like to get free stuff from Klout, visit the site and sign up.  Add a topic to yourself to start and start exchanging “K” with other people.

If you are on Klout, post the link to your profile in the comments section below.  Also, be sure to tell me what free stuff from Klout you have gotten!  What was your favorite Klout Perk?  What is your Klout Score?  My score is 77 at the moment.

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Join MyPanera for Birthday Freebies from Panera – US/Canada

MyPanera Birthday Freebies

MyPanera Birthday FreebiesJoin the MyPanera Club from Panera bread to get a free birthday treat and free stuff all year long.  US/Canada

I have been a member of MyPanera for a while now.  It works a little differently than other rewards programs.  You go in, ask them to swipe your card to see if you have any free surprises on it.  I have been surprised several times with free bakery pastries or 50% off meals.

Of all the restaurant programs, it’s actually my least favorite because I never know in advance if I have something on my card.  It also appears to be random, so there is nothing I do to earn it.  It just kinda shows up there.  I keep the account around because Panera is one of my favorite quick-eat places.  I absolutely adore their macaroni and cheese.  They were also one of the first restaurants in my area to start labeling foods as vegetarian.  And I do like the free bakery item for my birthday.  That’s a nice touch.

When you register, be sure to give them your phone number.  It makes looking up your rewards account a snap if you don’t have your card on you.


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ExpoTV: Review products for points

ExpoTV: Review products for points

expoTVExpoTv is a cool program!  I joined several months ago and have gotten many invites to share my opinions on everything from cosmetics to cereal and cat food.  Sometimes, ExpoTv will send you a free product to try.  I have received wonderful freebies from them, but my favorite was Febreze candles.  Sometimes, they ask you to review one you already own.  Either way, you review the product and earn points for your review.  Redeem the points for awesome things like Gift Cards, store gift certificates, electronics (like a web cam or Wii remote chargers) and more.

Prize redemption does not need a lot of points either.  Most reviews are worth about 500 points each and there two pages of things you can choose from in that point range – including gift certificates.  ExpoTv is generous with their invitations, as well.  I get ExpoTV invitations weekly – and sometimes, several a week.

ExpoTV also has wonderful customer service.  I did have a little trouble confirming my account, but I contacted them and got a very fast email response and they confirmed my account for me with no problems.  Oh – you also get points for confirming your account and completing your profile!  Check it out – and be sure to add me (SunshineFlGirl) as your friends so we can share video reviews.

Check out my product reviews that I have done for ExpoTV and other companies.

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