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Free Perkins Food

Free Perkins MyPerks Birthday Club Sign up at MyPerkins and get free Perkins food for your birthday.  Perkins MyPerkins members may enroll family members under 12-years-old, as well. You get 20% off just for joining, coupons mailed to you throughout the year and special gifts for your birthday.  Any family enrolled family members also get birthday freebies, so be sure to enroll your kids.

Just give them your address, your favorite Perkins location and your email address to sign up!  Use the store locator to find the Perkins nearest to you.  We live in the middle of several Perkins restaurants.  My daughter and I share an October birthday, so I am going to sign her up.  Then we can go enjoy some bonding girl time for our birthdays!

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Free Firehouse Sub on your Birthday

Free Firehouse Sub on your Birthday

free firehouse sub on your birthday

If you live close to a Firehouse Subs, count yourself extremely lucky!  The nearest one to me is 30 miles away, but I love their sandwiches and try to stop at one when I am on the road.  Maybe one of these days, I will be lucky enough to find one near one when we are travelling and it will be near my birthday.  Then, I can get a free sub from Firehouse Subs.

I love that part of their proceeds goes to volunteer fire departments as well.  Just show an I.D. with your birth date on your birthday and you’ll get a FREE medium celebratory sub. Join their email club and they will send you a reminder as well!

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Don Pablos free dip sampler and $30 worth of Gift Cards

Don Pablos Habenero’s Birthday Club

don pablos gift cards

Join Don Pablos Habenero’s Club and get

  • a free dip sampler just for joining
  • $10 gift card on your birthday
  • $10 gift card on your club anniversary
  • $10 gift card for your ninth visit.
  • US only

You have to have the card to get the freebie – and it’s worth requesting it next time you are in for dinner and joining the club for these awesome benefits!  I have never had bad food or service at Don Pablos.

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Buy 1 Get 1 Free Denny’s Milkshake (Ends July 13)

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Denny’s Milkshake until July 13

Want to Buy 1 Get 1 Free Denny’s Milkshake?
Buy 1 Get 1 Free Denny's MilkshakePrint this coupon, take it to Denny’s and Buy 1 Get 1 Free Denny’s Milkshake until July 13, 2013.  Choose between the red Strawberry Cheesecake shake, Blueberry Cheesecake shake or Lemon Icebox Pie Milkshake.  These special  shakes are part of Denny’s 4th of July Red * White * and Blue Plate Specials.  They are only here for a limited time, so grab a friend and get a shake – or just go enjoy two shakes yourself!

This actually sounds like a fun date idea!  I’d like to try the Strawberry cheesecake one.  Which one will you pick?

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Free Cinnamon Minibon from Cinnabon

Free Cinnabon Minibon when you like them on Facebook

free minibon from cinnabon

Like Cinnabon on Facebook and join their eClub.  Within 24 hours, they will email you a coupon for a free Minibon cinnamon roll.  I absolutely adore Cinnabon, but now, I am wondering why couldn’t I have found this free Cinnabon coupon before I joined a gym!  LOL.

When you join their eClub, they also ask for your birth date and say they will send you a special present to help you celebrate.  Ooh!  My birthday is in October.  Hopefully, it will be yet another free cinnamon roll.  I adore birthday freebies.  I feel special when companies remember my special day.  Restaurants are so good about that.

I can barely go to the mall and walk past the Cinnabon bakery without drooling all over myself.  I absolutely love their food.  Their pecan rolls are to die for, but I can’t usually eat a whole one.  It’s a great treat and the Minibons are the perfect size indulgence for one person.  I can’t wait till the next time I go to the mall, so I can get mine!  I guess I will have to pull a double at the gym to make up for it!  LOL

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Free Denny’s Meal on Your Birthday US/Canada

Free Denny’s Meal for your Birthday

Free Denny's Meal on Your BirthdayGet a free Denny’s Meal on your Birthday. Go in for your special day and net a free Grand Slam (US) or (Canada).  You do have to be 13+ to join; however as a member of Denny’s Rewards, you may also elect to add your children who are 12 years or younger to join and participate using your email address. US/Canada

The US page sometimes hangs and takes a while to load, but the offer is valid.  If ends up timing up, just refresh the page.

In Canada, it looks like you just have to present ID to get your free Grand Slam for your free birthday meal from Denny’s.  In the US, the form asks for your birthday and I am not sure if they email you a coupon for your free meal or exactly how it works.  I have  a birthday coming up and if they send me a reminder email to get my free birthday meal from Denny’s, I will update here and let you know.  Denny’s has changed their service offerings somewhat lately and are offering more vegetarian options the last time I was in.  Of course, I am not sure if that was just a regional thing, though.

At any rate, I love getting free things for my birthday.  It makes me feel special all day!

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