TWO Free Jars Of Clay Album Downloads (US/Canada?)

Free Jars Of Clay Album Download

Free Jars Of Clay Album Get a TWO free Jars Of Clay Albums.  You can download a 5 song album from Jars of Clay and can listen to each of the songs before you download them.  I think Canada can download these free Jars of Clay albums, as well.  Click on the “Free Download” button right above each album’s photo. If I am mistaken, please let me know.

You can download these songs on Eastside Manor Sessions :

  1. Age of Immature Mistakes
  2. Loneliness & Alcohol
  3. Fall Asleep
  4. Dead Man (Carry Me)
  5. After the Fight (new song off their new album)

Jars of Clay - Gather and Build: A Collection

You can download these songs on Gather and Build: A Collection:

  1. This Land Is Your Land
  2. Closer
  3. We Will Follow (featuring Gungor)
  4. Oh My God
  5. Stay (Forgive Me re-imagined by Stephen Mason)
  6. Safe To Land
  7. Save My Soul
  8. Body And Wine
  9. Run In The Night (featuring Thad Cockrell)
  10. Water Under The Bridge
  11. Flood (New Rain Mix)

I haven’t heard any Jars of Clay in a long time and did not realize that they were still recording.  They are a contemporary Christian Alternative Rock band.  If you are feeling generous, you can tip the band, but it is completely optional and not required to get the free album download.

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Free Christian Book: Fast Living

Free Fast Living Book

Free Fast Living Christian Book Fast Living is based on Isaiah 58 in the Bible.  Isaiah 58 talks about fasting and prayer to overthrow injustice, oppression and poverty.  It talks about fasting and forgiveness.  Personally, I would love to see more churches take on a heart for the poor.  Too many of the churches I have visited claim they can’t help the community they serve because they can barely keep the lights on.  Some others do things like pack boxes for soup kitchens, but they perform the act with such pomp that I must wonder if they do it to feed the poor or draw attention to themselves.  Tending to the poor with humility, in my opinion, is a fundamental mission of the church.  I was even in one church where they asked a homeless man to leave.  I do not currently attend a church as I haven’t found one in Minnesota where I feel it’s more than just a social network.   OK.  Off my soapbox 🙂

Request a free copy of Dr. Scott C. Todd’s book, Fast Living: How the Church Will End Extreme Poverty, to help engage your church with Isaiah 58.  US only. Your church name and phone number are required elements as this free book is intended for church leadership.

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Free Recipe Book: Conscious Cuisine – Download

Free Cookbook – Conscious Cuisine

Free Cookbook Conscious CuisineEating consciously – being aware of and thankful for what you eat, and making conscious decisions about what you eat will help you live a fuller, healthier lifestyle.  Unity is giving away copies of their cookbooklet – Conscious Cuisine

 teaches you how to eat and be more aware.  This cookbook has more than 30 recipes from Unity Inn for you to prepare yourself or share with  friends and loved ones.

I am always eager to add more recipes to my database!  Healthy ones are even better.  This book is available by download only.

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Free “Welcome to the Family” Book

Free Christian Book for New Believers

Welcome to the family book

Free book – Welcome to the Family. US only

From the site:

Welcome to the Family, an accessible, readable, encouraging introduction to the Christian life.  Welcome to the Family will explain your newly acquired standing before God, help you to process new truths, and show you how to “plug in” to the church.

Have you recently become a Christian? If so, no doubt you’ve noticed a number of changes taking place in your life.

Your first years as a Christian are an exhilarating time. You have a new heart and a new mind, and the Spirit of the living God lives in you. You hunger for truth, crave righteousness, and long for Christian fellowship. You’ve got a new vocabulary and you’re starting to rethink your approach to old habits, hangouts, pastimes, and friends. You deeply desire the salvation of lost friends and loved ones. You’re becoming exactly the kind of person God wants to use for His glory—holy, useful, and effective.

As a new Christian, God has granted you an amazing inheritance, a treasure trove you can take advantage of right now. The spiritual resources of heaven are at your disposal as you carry out your new commission as an ambassador of Jesus Christ. Here’s how we’d like to help…

If you’re a new Christian, we’d like to send you a book called Welcome to the Family, an accessible, readable, encouraging introduction to the Christian life.  Welcome to the Family will explain your newly acquired standing before God, help you to process new truths, and show you how to “plug in” to the church.  It’s the big picture of what it means to be a part of the body of Christ.

Simply fill out the form below—we’d love to hear your testimony, but it’s not required—and click “submit.”  We’ll send you this special book, written with new believers in mind, free of charge.

It’s our little way of saying, “Welcome to the family!”


  • You have become a Christian recently, within the last 12 months.
  • You are requesting this book for yourself, not someone else who has become a new believer.

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Free Booklet: Release Your Inner Splendor from Unity – International

Free Lent 2012: Release Your Inner Splendor Booklet

lent 2012 booklet

I realize this is more than a bit after Easter.  I posted it a few weeks ago and it’s still good – so I am reposting it again for those that missed it.

Unity Church is offering a free booklet – Release your Inner Splendor.  The description sounds like something that we could all benefit from – even outside of the Lent holiday.

From their site:

Release Your Inner Splendor will also help you:

  • ·      Open new channels to give and receive love.
  • ·      Give way to the flow of life.
  • ·      Gain new spiritual understanding.
  • ·      Transcend past experience.
  • ·      Awaken from the illusion of lack.
  • ·      Surrender that which doesn’t serve your greater purpose.


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Free Book – Himself by A. B. Simpson

Free Christian Book – Himself by A.B. Simpson

free book - himself by AB SimpsonGet a free religious book – Himself by AB Simpson.  US only.  This free book has been around for over 100 years and Peter Youngren and World Impact ministries will send you a free copy.

I can’t determine if Himself by AB Simpson is a booklet, or if it’s a complete book.  I know that it was first a sermon and a poem that AB Simpson preached – along with some of his own thoughts – but that is about it.  If you live in the United States, they will send you a hard copy.  If you live outside the United States, they will send you a PDF copy via email. So, what are you waiting for?  Get your free book copy of Himself.

As with all religious and political freebies, I am just posting it.  I am merely posting a free offer that I found online.  I am not showing support (or lack of support) for one side or the other by posting it.  My political beliefs are my own and only my closest friends and family are privy and am only posting this for those that may be interested.  Please don’t flame me.

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