Printable Dog Chow Coupon – .99/1 bag

Printable Dog Chow Coupon

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Free bag of Purina Puppy food and dog tag – Canada only

Free bag of Purina Puppy food and dog tag

Puppy food

Get free Puppy food from Purina if you live in Canada.  Give your new arrival the perfect start in life with The Purina MyPuppy program.

You’ll learn how to understand your new furry friend, and give your puppy the best care during their tender first year.

When you join, you’ll receive a MyPuppy Kit containing:

* An in-depth care guide with straight-forward advice on puppy care
* Adorable puppy ID tag
* Coupon for a FREE bag of protein rich Purina® puppy food
* Purina Pet Advisor contact information for quick and easy reference
* Health Chart to keep up-to-date with your puppy’s growth

When your puppy turns one you’ll receive a Happy Birthday e-mail welcoming you to the Pet Priority® program for dogs!

If you also have a cat and live in Canada, but sure to check out the MyKitten program offered by Purina, as well.

Canada only

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