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What a Wantable Gift Idea

Wantable Gift Idea


I’ve tried to come up with unique gift ideas for my friends, but you wanna know a secret about me?  I’m really terrible at picking out gifts that people will like.  In year’s past, I’ve resorted to sending gift certificates, but that lacks personal touch, or so I hear.  I think I found something more personal, that would make a great gift for my girlfriends – or even me!  This one is really Wantable!  No – I mean it.  It’s

Wantable is different from other subscription-based services that I have tried.  Other services offer one box.  They send their monthly boxes without regard to buyers’ preferences.  If you don’t like your box, then better luck next time.

Wantable offers three different monthly boxes.  They have a make-up box, an accessories box and an intimates box on a regular basis.  Currently, Wantable is offering a holiday box for Christmas, as well.  Each box comes personalized based on your own preferences. Additionally, you can get a box as a one-time service (which makes it ideal for gift giving) or you can get a monthly subscription to keep the boxes coming.

When you register on Wantable, select the kind of box you want and then, take the personalized style quiz.  I got the make-up box, so I told them all the things I loved – like nail polish, eye cosmetics, browns, etc.  I also rated the things that I considered so-so, like nude colors and bronzers.  I also rated items I really dislike such as sheer nail colors and coral lipsticks.  Based on my personal style, Wantable sent me a box containing:

  • Michael Marcus Shadow Primer (ARV: $24.00)
  • Manna Kadar Sheer Glo Highlighter (ARV: $29.00)
  • Color Club Nail Polish in Sugar Rays (ARV: $8.00)
  • Girlactik Beauty Eye Shadow in Timeless (ARV: $19.00)
  • Skiin Instant Skin Tightener and Line Filler sample

My Thoughts on the Box

Color Club Sugar RaysWell, I have never heard of any of these brands, except Color Club.  I used to use their products when I was a nail tech.  While I am not a HUGE fan of the color, it does make a great base for nail art and my daughter will love it as a stocking stuffer.  She likes the gold-tan color and it works great with her skin tone.

However, I’m in love with the shadow primer and the Girlactik shadow!  These were definitely worthwhile surprises.  They worked well together and the color lasts for hours.  A little of the color goes a long way.  You can even dip your applicator into a little water and apply it wet for a more dramatic statement – perfect for the holidays.

I mixed a little of the highlighter with a bit of moisturizer and wore it alone.  The Manna Kadar Sheer Glo highlighter gave my skin a slight shimmer, making it seem more youthful.

These are definitely high-end cosmetics and they performed as I would expect high-end cosmetics to perform.  My skin glowed and I didn’t break out after wearing them.  They lasted a long time without needing reapplication – and I got to try a few new brands.

Had I not been happy with my box, all I need do is call the customer service and they would take care of it with a full refund.  Why would I do that, though?  I liked my box!

I love that it’s personalized!  Your box would probably contain different things because we are different people with different likes.  That’s why I think it would make a great gift.  Your friend will get a personalized style box just for her.  It only costs you $40 and even the shipping is free.  You can also buy yourself a box to try it out.  If you love it, you can subscribe and keep getting a new box personalized for you every month.  Also, unlike some of other subscription programs, you can skip boxes or put your account on hold.

Be sure to keep in touch by following them on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter as well.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Lancome DreamTone Skin Tone Correcting Serum Review

Lancome DreamTone Skin Tone Correcting Serum Review

Lancome DreamTone Skin Tone Correcting Serum

Are you looking for a skin tone remedy that really delivers on it’s promises?  My skin develops dark splotches most prevalent  around my nose flares and on my chin.  I was recently sent a bottle of Lancome DreamTone Customized Skin Tone Correcting Serum to try.  It’s a lightly tinted serum designed to even out the skin tone, reduce the appearance of dark spots and blend minor color imperfections.  You use it twice a day under your favorite moisturizer.  Lancome DreamTone comes in three different tints: Fair, Medium and Dark.  I tested the light one.

First impressions:

Lancome DreamTone Skin Tone Correcting Serum
Date Published: 11/26/2013
I love the bottle! As someone who travels quite a bit, I can’t tell you how many times the cap has come off my cosmetics, causing it to leak all over my clothes or making a general mess all over everything else. The lid twists to open and twists to close. So easy! AND, it looks beautiful out on the counter top. Unfortunately, since the cap doesn’t twist off, it’s difficult to tell if the bottle is empty. It’s also impossible for frugalistas like me to scrape out the last bit since the top is not removable - so I took half a star off for that. I also love the fragrance. It’s almost a light floral scent. I’ve only been using the cream for a few weeks and have already noticed some difference. I’m hoping the benefits will keep improving! The dark spots on my chin are not nearly as noticeable and many other spots around my cheeks are less visible as well.
4.5 / 5 stars

lid upI’m eager to see if I experience what other women have seen:

• 74% saw glowing skin*

• 70% noticed a more even skin tone*

• 69% saw the appearance of dark spots reduced*

• 78% saw color imperfections reduced*

*All results based on global self-assessments of women of multiple ethnicities in an 8-week study. 72% reflects 8 weeks of use.


So want to see the results?


Check out my Bare Selfie.  I’m not wearing any make-up and this photo is un-retouched.  Not bad for a 42 year-old mom with two adult sons, huh?  My skin looks even and I’m already starting to see a fewer dark spots.

You can find out more on the Lancome DreamTone website, Twitter or Facebook.

I did get a free bottle of Lancome DreamTone for the purposes of review, but all opinions are my own and your results may vary.


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Fiber Gourmet Cheese Thinables Review and Coupon

Fiber Gourmet Cheese Thinables Review

cheese thinables Review

I always worry about what my kids pack in their lunches.  Finding healthier snacking options that they enjoy frequently presents a real challenge.  Recently, I was sent a package of 1 oz individual serving sizes of Fiber Gourmet Cheese Thinables.

My kids loved the small size bags.  They didn’t have to measure out crackers and dump them in snack bags.  They complain that the snack bags often don’t seal all the way and they end up with crackers all over the bottom of their lunch bags.  So, they really appreciated the convenience and mess-free lunch packing.

My son liked them better than Cheese Nips or Cheez-Its.  He said that Cheese Thinables had a heartier flavor.

Cheese Thinables nutritional content

Cheese Thinables nutritional content

I like the nutritional differences!  Check this out!

  • 11g fiber per package (44% of your Daily Value!)
  • Each package has about 30 crackers
  • Just 60 calories per oz – compare to 140 in Cheeze-Its®

With less than half the calories of Nabisco Cheese Nips (140 calories) or even Special K Cracker Chips (110 calories), I don’t have to worry about the kids eating too many calories – and it’s easier on my diet, too.  Since they are filled with 11 grams of fiber, it helps keep me (and the kids) full till their next meal.

Also, you can get a $5 off coupon by visiting their site and liking them on Facebook.  To get your coupon, look on the left hand side of the page under the Fiber Gourmet logo.  Click the “Like Us on Facebook” button.  A new window opens.  Click the like button and be prepared to copy your online ordering code for $5 off your order.  They also sell some other great half-calorie crackers and Thinables flavors, as well as pasta!

My kids would like to try the cinnamon.  My husband would probably love the Everything crackers and I wand to try the Nacho Thinables!

In addition to online ordering, you can find Fiber Gourmet products in these retail stores.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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*Winner Announced* “My Very Own World Adventure” Personalized Children’s Book

My Very Own World Adventure from I See Me Books

My Very Own World Adventure Personalized Children's Book

My daughter stayed home sick from school and read My Very Own World Adventure from I See Me.

In addition to teaching our kids about their own rich cultural heritage, I want them to learn about others.  I believe that teaching kids about the way other people live is the best way to instill tolerance and acceptance of differences.  How can they learn to accept other people’s beliefs and lifestyles if they never have any exposure to them, right?  Like most Americans, I can’t send my kids on a world tour to let them experience culture first hand, so I reach for books.

My kids love immerse themselves in books.  My daughter likes to see her name in books and loves the personalized feel.  Recently, I found “My Very Own World Adventure” and she loves it.  It is my daughter’s passport to different countries around the world using the letters of her name as a guide to picking the countries to visit with three kids as her magic carpet ride escort.  For example, for the letter “L”, they visit Latvia.  On the page about Latvia, we learn that the symbols on the woven belts that Latvians wear are actually sacred and have meaning.  My daughter is the curious type, so I’m sure her next step will be to look up those belts and figure out how to make a belt with symbols special to her.

My Thoughts on the Book

My Very Own World Adventure

My Very Own World Adventure” is a hardbound book with sturdy pages.  I chose this book from the vast choices available on the I See Me website because they recommended it based on my daughter’s age.  She is 12.  She commented on artistic quality of the book and said she really liked the detail of the images.  In fact, I See Me‘s book designers spent over 5 years selecting 63 artists from around the world to paint a child from each of their countries!

While the writing style is easy enough for a young reader to grasp, the book’s details encourage further exploration, so the book is still appropriate for my daughter’s age as well.

Encyclopedia of gifts from other countries

Of course, a child’s name has a limited number of letters.  If my daughter becomes curious about the things she would have found had her name had different letters, the last few pages of the book include an index to all the possible countries illustrated for the purpose of making this book.  She can learn about those countries, too!

Map of all places visited

It also includes a personalized world map showing where the countries where the kids in her book lived.  In addition to a brief cultural lesson, I See Me includes a quick geography lesson in “My Very Own World Adventure“.

I see Me My Very Own World Adventures Artists

Lydia also likes the artist page showing all the artists involved in making her book.  She can also user her iPod to scan the QR code to learn more about all the artists involved.  I also like that $1 of every My Very Own World Adventure book will be donated to Room to Read to help support global literacy. Room to Read is an award-winning non-profit organization for improving literacy and gender equality in education in the developing world.

Want to Learn More?

A lot of care was put into the making of this book.  I would love to see some of their other books and am enjoying taking the virtual book tour of the My Very Own Pirate Adventure and other books.   These would make a great baby shower gift and if Mom hasn’t picked out a name yet, you can even give a gift certificate for a book of her choice.  Sign up their customized specials and discount promos from I See Me – just tell them the age of the children on your gift list and their relationship to you to get personalized specials emailed to you!  Follow them on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, too!

Costco is featuring vouchers for these unique books at a 30% savings. Members can choose from seven titles to find the perfect story for a young book lover. Look for this deal at your local Costco (not available in all areas) or go online to and search for item 756683. Hurry! Limited time offer and orders must be placed by 12/8/13 for Christmas delivery.

HOW TO ENTER TO win a My Very Own World Adventure Book

Mandatory entries are shown initially.  Completing them and submitting your name and email, are required to enter and to unlock the optional bonus entries and daily entry options.  There are multiple bonus entry opportunities. You may see them all by clicking the “Options” link on the form.  Presenting entry opportunities one at a time is the default.

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Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance Pet Food Coupons (and Review)

Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance Pet Food Coupons and Review

Science Diet Ideal Balance Pet Food Coupons

My cats are important to me and I love to please them with the foods that they love – but I also want them to eat nutritious food.  It thrilled my cats when I received a free bag of Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance Cat food from is an understatement.

I didn’t want them to eat it before I could even do the review and see them eating it, so I stored it in my bedroom closet. The cats literally ate through the bag when someone left the closet door open and they found their new bag of food.  It’s not like they didn’t have food down in the kitchen already, either!  It was even a brand new bag of their regular favorite, but they totally lost interest.  Every morning at feeding time since receiving this new bag, three of my cats would stand guard at my bedroom closet in trying to dart in and snag a bite.  I guess their keen little noses could smell it through the bag!  At any rate, here is a video of my putting down their regular food this morning, along with a bowl of the Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance Pet Food.  You can see for yourself.  They wouldn’t tough their long-time favorite and waited in line at the Hill’s Science Diet even though there was another full bowl of food.

You will have to excuse the video quality here.

I can also feel good about feeding Ideal Balance to my cats because I know it is good for them. It meets the AAFCO feeding standards.   AAFCO or Association of American Feed Control Officials is the governing body for pet food in the United States. “As Fed” is the gold standard for determining nutritional adequacy.  It is not recommended for feeding to Senior cats, so I will have to find some way to keep my Whiskers kitty (18-year-old Japanese Bobtail) from eating it.

It has:

  • Fresh chicken—1st ingredient
  • No corn
  • Formulated for easy digestion
  • Optimal levels of key nutrients

I used the comparison tool on Hill’s Science Diet’s Website to compare it to what I normally feed my cats (as well as other major brands like Nutro and Purina ONE) and it fared better nutritionally every time in several key nutritional variables.  You can run a comparison of your own (and score a free bag for cats or dogs) on the Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance website.  There are some other offers you might like in as well on their special offers page.   For more information, be sure to like Hill’s Science Diet on Facebook.

Be sure to check out my other posts on  samples and coupons,  products, , printable  and 

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L’Oreal Age Perfect Glow Renewal Facial Oil Review

L’Oreal Age Perfect Skin Care Review

L'Oreal Age Perfect Glow Renewal Facial Oil Review and Printable CouponOver the last couple of weeks, I have tried out L’Oreal Age Perfect Glow Renewal facial oil.  I know that spreading oil on your face sounds heavy, but I didn’t have that problem with this product.  I found that it is lightweight.  L’Oreal Age Perfect Glow Renewal has 8 essential oils including:

  1. English Lavender
  2. Rosemary Leaf
  3. Geranium
  4. Orange Peel
  5. Roman Chamomile
  6. Rose Flower
  7. Lavandin
  8. Marjoram Leaf

L’Oreal selected the essential oils in Age Perfect Glow Renewal for their ability to impart a healthy glow to dull, dry skin. I love fragrance and the way it just glides on the skin. Even though it’s an oil, it doesn’t leave my skin oily. The product is quickly absorbed and lightweight. It’s comfortable enough to wear under make-up and even helps it go on smoother.

Pros: lightweight, fragrance, moisturizing
Cons: None.  I could really not find any cons.

I got to try this product free as part of the Tryology program at ExpoTv.  ExpoTv is a cool program!  I joined several months ago and have gotten many invites to share my opinions on everything from cosmetics to cereal and cat food.  Sometimes, ExpoTv will send you a free product to try.   Sometimes, they ask you to review one you already own.  Either way, you review the product and earn points for your review.  Redeem the points for awesome things like Gift Cards, store gift certificates, electronics (like a web cam or Wii remote chargers) and more.

L’Oreal Age Perfect Glow Renewal Facial Oil Video Review

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