Free Hills Ideal Balance Dog Food ($12.99 value)

Free Dog Food from Hills Ideal Balance

Free Hills Ideal Balance Dog Food Get a free four pound bag of Hills Ideal Balance Dog Food.  US only.

Just print off this rebate form and send it in along with your receipt and the UPC Bar code cut from the packaging.  They will send you a refund check for your purchase price amount up to $12.99.  If you have a dog, this is a very good deal for you.

Just be sure to purchase before 12/31/2013, but you have until January 2014 to mail in the form.  Combine it with a coupon to actually MAKE money on the deal!  Very nice!

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Free Celebrate Urban Birds Kit (Stickers, Bird Seed, Poster) – US/Canada

Free Celebrate Urban Birds Kit

Free Celebrate Urban Birds Kit - Poster

Get a free “Celebrate Urban Birds!” Kit from Cornell.  You will get two free posters, a free sticker, and a pack of bird seeds to feed the wild feathered friends.  They also include a data sheet for you to track what birds you see.  If you let them know whether you saw the target birds, it will be a boon to their research.  They want to know even if you see none because “Zero Means a Lot”.  This will be very fun to do with my kids!  US/Canada

This is still good!  We got our kit and it’s really nice!

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Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance Pet Food Coupons (and Review)

Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance Pet Food Coupons and Review

Science Diet Ideal Balance Pet Food Coupons

My cats are important to me and I love to please them with the foods that they love – but I also want them to eat nutritious food.  It thrilled my cats when I received a free bag of Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance Cat food from is an understatement.

I didn’t want them to eat it before I could even do the review and see them eating it, so I stored it in my bedroom closet. The cats literally ate through the bag when someone left the closet door open and they found their new bag of food.  It’s not like they didn’t have food down in the kitchen already, either!  It was even a brand new bag of their regular favorite, but they totally lost interest.  Every morning at feeding time since receiving this new bag, three of my cats would stand guard at my bedroom closet in trying to dart in and snag a bite.  I guess their keen little noses could smell it through the bag!  At any rate, here is a video of my putting down their regular food this morning, along with a bowl of the Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance Pet Food.  You can see for yourself.  They wouldn’t tough their long-time favorite and waited in line at the Hill’s Science Diet even though there was another full bowl of food.

You will have to excuse the video quality here.

I can also feel good about feeding Ideal Balance to my cats because I know it is good for them. It meets the AAFCO feeding standards.   AAFCO or Association of American Feed Control Officials is the governing body for pet food in the United States. “As Fed” is the gold standard for determining nutritional adequacy.  It is not recommended for feeding to Senior cats, so I will have to find some way to keep my Whiskers kitty (18-year-old Japanese Bobtail) from eating it.

It has:

  • Fresh chicken—1st ingredient
  • No corn
  • Formulated for easy digestion
  • Optimal levels of key nutrients

I used the comparison tool on Hill’s Science Diet’s Website to compare it to what I normally feed my cats (as well as other major brands like Nutro and Purina ONE) and it fared better nutritionally every time in several key nutritional variables.  You can run a comparison of your own (and score a free bag for cats or dogs) on the Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance

website.  There are some other offers you might like in as well on their special offers page.   For more information, be sure to like Hill’s Science Diet on Facebook.

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Free Pet Coupons From Iams Lifelong Rewards

Iams Lifelong Rewards

Free Pet Coupons From Iams Lifelong Rewards
For a love that never fades, join Iams Lifelong Rewards. Get coupons, expert advice & customized pet tips.
Join today! Click Here to Sign up and receive the Iams Lifelong Rewards eNewsletter with special offers and coupons and information about nutrition, health, behavior, training and care from our pet experts.  I have five cats, so I signed up for this one.  We can always use cat food coupons.  This coupon offer is good for dog owners, as well – so join LifeLong Rewards and get pet advice tailored to your needs and coupons.

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Free iPad Game for Cats

Free iPad Game for Cats

Buttons playing the free ipad game for cats

Check out this free iPad Game for Cats by Hiccup.  We have 5 cats and they all enjoy it.  I have even seen all of them gathered around the iPad on the floor taking turns chasing the laser.  Buttons, my son’s 9 month old kitten, absolutely loves it!  In fact, if I take out my iPad for my own use, he immediately jumps in my lap and tries to play it.  He acts like it’s his toy and becomes very excited.  His antics over this game are absolutely hilarious.  Buttons will paw at it and jump in the air for half an hour at a time.  Kittens need to be entertained or they become bored.  While fun, you may not have time to play with them when they want to play.  This makes for a bored cat who can become destructive.

When Buttons seems like he is looking for trouble, I just break out my iPad and turn on Game for Cats.  It’s entertaining for him and me.  The free version of the game comes with a laser pointer that the cat can bat around on the screen.  When they tag it, it makes a jingle bell like sound and scores points for the cat.  Obviously, the cat doesn’t care about the score, but it’s fun to compare your cat’s score with your friends’ cats’ scores.  Game for Cats has an option to boast about how good your cat is by sharing on Facebook.

Game for Cats also offers an upgrade to get a butterfly and a mouse screen.  However, those are not free.  The upgrade is only $1.99, so that’s not too bad, but the basic version is free to use forever.  My cats played with the laser for months before I decided to get the mouse and butterfly versions.  Buttons just enjoyed the laser so much, I wanted to see what he would do with the mouse.  He adores it, as well, and actually looks for the mouse under the iPad when the mouse runs off the screen.

Buttons enjoys this game so much and gets completely carried away.  For that reason, I don’t suggest this game to anyone that doesn’t have the new iPad with the glass.  My iPad 3 has the gorilla glass and has never been scratched, but previous versions may be prone to claw scratches due to the design of screen.

Oh!  It’s also a distraction for teenage girls, apparently.  My son’s friend found the game and played it herself for an hour.  LOL.

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