Free Booklet about Autistic Spectrum Disorders – International

Free Booklet about Autism and Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Free book about Autism Spectrum Disorders I have a son with autism.  He is now an adult and recently moved back home after being on his own for a brief while.   His autistic tendencies made it difficult living on his own.  He is again planning to move out on his own, and we are hoping for better results.

It’s a big, scary world out there for those of us that have children with special needs. I am often asked about what to watch for, how I knew he was different and what we did that made the most impact on his development.  I wish I had all the answers.  If you have similar questions about autistic behavior in your child, here is a free booklet from the National Institute of Mental Health that may offer some guidance for you if you believe (or already know) that their child has a pervasive developmental disorder.  This free guide (A Parent’s Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorder) helps parents understand what autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is, recognize common signs and symptoms, and find the resources they need. – International

You can either order the hard copy of the booklet or download it to your computer.  I usually do both.  I save PDF’s and sync them with my iPad using Dropbox.  If you aren’t familiar with it, you should check it out.  You can use it to get access to your files on your computer from any device that can run Dropbox.  It runs on PC, Linux, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry and Kindle Fire.  Of course, Dropbox is also free.

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Free Coloring Book: Save Our Species (Printable)

Free Coloring Book: Save Our Species

Free coloring book Save Our Species Nab this free coloring book, Save Our Species, to teach kids about endangered animals. International.  Save Our Species is no longer available by mail and is printable only.

Save Our Species has 28 pages of pages that kids can color.  Each page has educational information about the species, along with their indigenous habitat information.

This was available a long time ago and is back again.

Use the bar at the top of the frame to print it in your preferred format.

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Free Gucci Guilty Black Cologne Sample – International

Free Gucci Guilty Black Cologne Sample

Free Gucci Guilty Black Cologne Sample

Get a Gucci Guilty Black cologne sample – International.   This is still available and I received mine, so I know that it arrives.

Gucci Guilty Black is available in both male and female fragrance options.  I do like the concept, too.  Couples wear the fragrances together to enhance each other’s scent.  The male scent is masculine and the female scent is feminine.  They both smell good separately; however, they smell good when a couple is together, too.  Your cologne doesn’t clash.

I received this in the mail – and it came with a variety of samples for both men and women.

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Free Gucci Made to Measure Men’s Cologne Sample – International

Gucci Made to Measure Men’s Cologne Sample

Gucci Made to Measure Men's Cologne SampleLike them on Facebook and get a free Gucci Made to Measure Men’s Cologne Sample. – International.  The form is on the very bottom of the page.

The description sounds intriguing!

Top notes of Calabrian bergamot and French lavender are layered over an exotic Sri Lankan nutmeg, water lily and juniper heart. Gucci’s signature patchouli base, along with rich labdanum and amber, adds the final intriguing touch.

Be sure to take note of your “request ID” so you can follow your free sample’s progress.

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Free Especially Escada Elixir Cologne Samples – International

Free Cologne Samples from Escada

free Escada Cologne Sample

Get a free sample of Escada cologne for women – International NOTE: One person has said they had problems with their Ontario zip.  Please comment below if it works or not in your area.

They only have one sample available now:

  • Especially Escada Elixir – a new interpretation of the rose fragrance.
  • Born in Paradise

Previously, they offered several samples, but they have run out and only have one – so hurry and get yours before it’s gone, too!

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Free Child Safety Kit

Free Child Safety Kit

Free Child Safety KitGet a free Child Safety Kit from the Polly Klass Foundation.  Teach your kids to know which strangers to approach for help if they become lost and how to recognize and respond to potentially dangerous situations.

Discussing these issues in a way that doesn’t instill fear and anxiety in your child is not an easy task, but you want them ready if they become separated from you unexpectedly.  This free kit offers special no-scare tips for all age groups.  You can also record your child’s fingerprints and learn to sample and safely store your child’s DNA in your own home.

People in the US can order the kit on this link.  People outside the US, use this link.

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