Connect the Dots Dinosaurs – Free app – Android/iOS

Free App – Connect the Dots Dinosaurs

Free App Connect the Dots Dino Download this free app for the Android or iOS device of your choice.  In Connect the Dots Dinosaurs, you tread through prehistoric eras with, connecting the dots on realistic looking dinosaurs.

Here is how to get the full version of this app for free.

  1. Download the free trial version from Google Play, the App Store, the Windows Store or the Kindle Fire app.
  2. Open the game and click Upgrade.
  3. Click and hold the green arrow for 3 seconds to reveal a secret code entry window.
  4. Enter the code FREE4DINO

Awesome!  Now you have another app to keep your child (or you) entertained.  Connect the dots activities teach young kids logic and order, so it’s also educational!

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Free Eye Facts Poster: See All You Can See Eye for Kids

Eye Facts Poster for Kids

Eye Facts Poster Get a free Eye Facts Poster for kids.  US only.  The “See All You Can See  Fun Fact Calendar” teaches elementary-aged children how to care for their eyes.  It’s designed in a brightly colored calendar format with 31 facts and myth-busters about eyes and visions.  The fun characters guide kids through a myriad of tips to safeguard their vision. You can either have this mailed to your or download the PDF.  The mailed poster is 17×11.

We only have one set of eyes.  This isn’t Star Trek and we can’t grow new organs, yet.

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Free Backyard Activity Book – International

Free Backyard Activity Book

Free Backyard Activity Book

Get a free Backyard Activity Book for your kids and teach them about critters and weeds they may come across in the yard. International.  33 pages of Crossword puzzles, matching puzzles, and other activities teach kids about unwanted pests and alien plants.

You can either print the Backyard Activity Book for Kids on Integrated Pest Management or get it by mail.  To get it by mail, click on “Get A Copy” from the top right and choose United States Postal Service Delivery.  Put a check box next to the activity book and then click on “Show Order Form.”  Fill out your name and address and they will send you one.

They do not ship during government shut-downs, but will when everyone is back to work.  I have received this before and it’s an informative, handy activity book.

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Free Nursing Stuff: Magnets, Coloring Books and Book Covers

Free Magnets and other Free Nursing Stuff

free nursing stuffGet  some free nursing stuff.  US only. You can choose between two magnets, two coloring books and two book covers.  The magnets say “Nurses Save Lives” and “Thank a Nurse.”  The book covers are blue and purple.  The coloring books are about being a nurse and available in English and Spanish versions.  You can get one of each item.

My sister-in-law is a nurse.  They work hard, long hours and the patients are sometimes difficult.  They definitely deserve our thanks – and they do save lives.

To get the freebies, just add them to your cart and click “check out”.   Enter your information.  There is a slider bar at the bottom of the form.  I believe that’s their version of captcha (and it sure beats entering those characters!)  Make sure you click that – and then click the submit button.  If you are successful, you will be presented with a reference number should you need help with your order in the future.  Be sure to save it.

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Free Coloring Book: Case of the Broken Loop

Free Coloring Book: Case of the Broken Loop

Free Coloring Book: Case of the Broken LoopGet this free coloring book from the EPA: Case of the Broken Loop.  This is a 12 page puzzle and activity book that teaches kids about how to protect the planet from garbage and pollution.  It appears to be available internationally.

You can either order it by mail or you can get it as a free printable coloring book.  Just click on Get a Copy from the top.  Then click on USPS to get it by mail.  Make sure the check box is selected next to this book and select “show order form” beneath the selections.

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*Winner Announced* “My Very Own World Adventure” Personalized Children’s Book

My Very Own World Adventure from I See Me Books

My Very Own World Adventure Personalized Children's Book

My daughter stayed home sick from school and read My Very Own World Adventure from I See Me.

In addition to teaching our kids about their own rich cultural heritage, I want them to learn about others.  I believe that teaching kids about the way other people live is the best way to instill tolerance and acceptance of differences.  How can they learn to accept other people’s beliefs and lifestyles if they never have any exposure to them, right?  Like most Americans, I can’t send my kids on a world tour to let them experience culture first hand, so I reach for books.

My kids love immerse themselves in books.  My daughter likes to see her name in books and loves the personalized feel.  Recently, I found “My Very Own World Adventure” and she loves it.  It is my daughter’s passport to different countries around the world using the letters of her name as a guide to picking the countries to visit with three kids as her magic carpet ride escort.  For example, for the letter “L”, they visit Latvia.  On the page about Latvia, we learn that the symbols on the woven belts that Latvians wear are actually sacred and have meaning.  My daughter is the curious type, so I’m sure her next step will be to look up those belts and figure out how to make a belt with symbols special to her.

My Thoughts on the Book

My Very Own World Adventure

My Very Own World Adventure” is a hardbound book with sturdy pages.  I chose this book from the vast choices available on the I See Me website because they recommended it based on my daughter’s age.  She is 12.  She commented on artistic quality of the book and said she really liked the detail of the images.  In fact, I See Me‘s book designers spent over 5 years selecting 63 artists from around the world to paint a child from each of their countries!

While the writing style is easy enough for a young reader to grasp, the book’s details encourage further exploration, so the book is still appropriate for my daughter’s age as well.

Encyclopedia of gifts from other countries

Of course, a child’s name has a limited number of letters.  If my daughter becomes curious about the things she would have found had her name had different letters, the last few pages of the book include an index to all the possible countries illustrated for the purpose of making this book.  She can learn about those countries, too!

Map of all places visited

It also includes a personalized world map showing where the countries where the kids in her book lived.  In addition to a brief cultural lesson, I See Me includes a quick geography lesson in “My Very Own World Adventure“.

I see Me My Very Own World Adventures Artists

Lydia also likes the artist page showing all the artists involved in making her book.  She can also user her iPod to scan the QR code to learn more about all the artists involved.  I also like that $1 of every My Very Own World Adventure book will be donated to Room to Read to help support global literacy. Room to Read is an award-winning non-profit organization for improving literacy and gender equality in education in the developing world.

Want to Learn More?

A lot of care was put into the making of this book.  I would love to see some of their other books and am enjoying taking the virtual book tour of the My Very Own Pirate Adventure and other books.   These would make a great baby shower gift and if Mom hasn’t picked out a name yet, you can even give a gift certificate for a book of her choice.  Sign up their customized specials and discount promos from I See Me – just tell them the age of the children on your gift list and their relationship to you to get personalized specials emailed to you!  Follow them on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, too!

Costco is featuring vouchers for these unique books at a 30% savings. Members can choose from seven titles to find the perfect story for a young book lover. Look for this deal at your local Costco (not available in all areas) or go online to and search for item 756683. Hurry! Limited time offer and orders must be placed by 12/8/13 for Christmas delivery.

HOW TO ENTER TO win a My Very Own World Adventure Book

Mandatory entries are shown initially.  Completing them and submitting your name and email, are required to enter and to unlock the optional bonus entries and daily entry options.  There are multiple bonus entry opportunities. You may see them all by clicking the “Options” link on the form.  Presenting entry opportunities one at a time is the default.

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