Children’s Eye Safety – Gear Up! Poster (Printable)

Free Eye Safety Poster for kids

Eye Safety Poster

When my son was much younger, one of his friends fired a rock from a sling shot and hit him in the eye.  You always hear mothers yell “Don’t do that – your gonna put your eye out.”  Daniel actually almost did.  It was a scary couple of weeks for us with repeated visits to the opthamologist.  Thankfully, he made a full recovery and still has 20/20 vision to this day!  Teaching kids eye safety is important.  You only have one set of eyes and you really need them!  Get this free poster for kids to teach Eye Safety.

Gear Up! Find fun facts about eyes and eye injuries, as well as sports trivia. This poster is a great way to inform school-aged children about sports-related eye injuries and the need for protective eyewear. (17″ x 11″)  I have ordered and received this poster in the past.  It’s a nice size and easy to read in fun colors.  This poster is printable only

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Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Eyeshadow Product Review

Physicians Formula Eyeshadow’s durable case and extensive color palette make it the ideal color for anyone.

Pros: Formulated for eye color, durable case, multiple palette in one case for day, night or natural wear

Cons: Case is hard to open

Bought this product at: Walgreens

Overall, I have a love/hate relationship with the case. The case is durable – and I’ve never had it break apart or come open in my purse. On the other hand, the case can be somewhat difficult to open. I love the fact that, as well as being perfectly matched to for eye color, it also comes with 3 different palettes in each case: one for night, one for day or office and one suitable for a more natural lighting. The darker color makes the perfect eyeliner as well. It’s easily bendable and lasts all day.

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