Product Review: Cross Pens

cross edge pen I and my husband are both business professionals.  We are always writing things down.  It seems like I am either writing notes about design changes to a website I am working on in my professional sphere or updating the grocery list stuck to fridge reminding me of the ever-growing list of items we need.

My husband writes so much that he keeps a pen attached to the front of shirt at all times.  Whether he is wearing a T-shirt or work polo, he always has a pen.  In fact, we have a running joke in the family that, if he isn’t wearing a pen, he is naked.  If he is wearing two, he is overdressed.  Don’t laugh!  It’s happened!

When offered me the chance to review a Cross pen, I jumped at the opportunity.  Writing is such an integral part of our lives and we both value good writing instruments.  I was ecstatic to receive the Cross Edge to review. In short, it is an executive level rollerball pen that opens with a slide action.

The Pros:

  • The Gel ink is so fluid, one could almost get the sense that the pen is intelligent enough to intuit the writer’s thoughts and write on its own.  The tip effortlessly floats across the page.
  • No cap to lose!  It opens with a slide action rather than a twist or with a cap the way most pens do.  You simply give it a small tug.  It’s so easy to open that it can even be done one-handed.  I even find myself clicking it open and shut when I am lost in creative thought.  It just begs to be played with.
  • It’s stylish.  The pen’s design is attractive and eye catching.  Whether it’s the punched out metal detailing on the clip or the high quality resin finish,  I almost want to make sure my shoes are matching it when I carry it.  It’s attractive enough that it could easily be an executive accessory.
  • I love the balance and weight.  It doesn’t feel too heavy when I write with it.  The tip doesn’t feel lighter than the end, so it also feels balanced.
  • It’s versatile!  Prefer a ballpoint?  Just change out the ink refill with the Jumbo Medium Ballpoint Refill.  Prefer a different ink color?  They have that as well.
  • Beautifully elegant gift box included!

The Cons:

  • It’s a little chunky for smaller hands at almost .5 inches in diameter.  I will be looking to see if Cross designs a slide action roller-ball pen that is a little bit smaller.  However, if I find they don’t make one, this is a small quibble and it’s still easier to hold than cheap dime-store pens.


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