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Organic Valley Coupons and free Bumper Sticker

Free Organic Valley Coupons and Bumper Sticker

Organic Valley coupons

Enter your email address and zip code.  Then check the box for the Farm Friends newsletter.  Click submit.  You’ll be forwarded to the next page where you can sign up to receive a free Organic Valley Welcome Kit!

The kit comes with Organic Valley coupons, a bumper sticker and recipes.  Organic Valley is a whole food coop that specializes in Organic food and produce of all kinds.  Since I prefer to feed my family organic foods when possible, I appreciate the coupons.  Organic food really does taste better, in my opinion.  It’s also expensive, though.  Any bit to help the budget, right?

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Free Medjool Dates Sample Pack and Coupon

Free Medjool Dates

Free Medjool Dates Sample Like them on Facebook and get a Free Medjool Dates Sample Pack.  You also get a $2 off coupon. Continental US only. I got this in the mail, so I know that it comes – and it’s still valid.  Mine came with a magnet, that isn’t mentioned, so I’m not sure if that’s random or what.

My samples are already gone.  My husband scarfed them down immediately.  He said hey were “deliciously sweet.”  He said the only time he has liked dates better was when he lived in Bahrain and actually picked them himself.

To get yours, just like them and give them your information.

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Free BeechNut Coupons and Feeding Guide

Free BeechNut Coupons and Feeding Guide

BeechNut Feeding Guide and Beechnut coupons

Get a free BeechNut Feeding Guide to get advice about feeding your baby, as well as money savings Beechnut coupons. US only.  Just visit their site and fill out your name and address.  Be sure to click the button next to “Receive Our Feeding Guide.”

They request your phone number and baby’s birth/due date.  However, I left both blank and my request went through ok.  My niece just had a baby, so I am telling her about this, too

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Puffs & Bounty Back To School Sweepstakes and Coupon

Puffs & Bounty Back To School Sweepstakes

Puffs & Bounty Back To School SweepstakesEnter to the Puffs & Bounty Back To School Sweepstakes to win a year’s supply of Puffs and Bounty for you and your favorite school.  Summer just started and these guys are already talking about school starting back!  Is it just me, or does time just seem to whiz by!  The winner will receive 24 boxes of Puffs and 40 rolls of Bounty.  Their choice school gets 2,160 boxes of Puffs and 4,160 rolls of Bounty.  If you are one of the first 100,000 entrants, you get a $2.50 coupon for Puffs and Bounty by mail!

Just head over to their Facebook page, read and agree to the official rules and good luck!  You can enter daily to increase your chances of winning.

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$1.00 KitKat Minis Printable Coupon – Print or Mail

KitKat Minis Printable Coupon

KitKat Minis Printable CouponBite sized KitKats?  You’ve got my attention.  Get a KitKat Minis Printable Coupon and save up to $1.00.  Some people have said they’ve seen these at Walmart for $1.00 (and this coupon would make them free), but I have not verified that myself.

The coupon starts with a value of .25, but if you share it to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, you can up the value to $1.00.   *NOTE* I had problems getting the sharing to work, but think it’s because they were busy.  It did eventually go through, but was very s..l..o..w.

BTW, you can either print this coupon twice (if you can tolerate waiting for it to load a second time), or have them mail one to you.  Just click the blue help button at the bottom when you finally get to the coupon page.

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Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bread Coupon

Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bread Coupon

Rudys Gluten Free bread coupon

Get a coupon for $1.00 off Rudi’s gluten free bread products.  I have found this bread in my whole foods co-op, and that’s about it.  Have you been able to find it anywhere else?  I am sure that since the  gluten-free diet is really starting to gain some ground, we will probably start seeing this product in more places.  I know many people that have tried and swear by swearing off gluten products.  Have you jumped on the gluten-free diet bandwagon yet?     US only

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