Free Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara

Free Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara

Free Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara Get a Free Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara.  US only.  Rimmel emailed this offer to me and I’m hoping that it’s valid for other people besides me.  At any rate, hurry, because this offer will not last long.  After I filled out the form, I got a message saying to expect my free mascara in 6-8 weeks.

Mascara is one of those beauty must-haves that I absolutely don’t leave the house without when I decide to wear make-up.  I usually find they don’t live up to their promises, but as I get older, my lashes grow shorter, so I’m hoping this one actually does make my lashes longer.

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Free Garnier BB Cream Sample

Free Garnier BB Cream Sample

Free Garnier BB Cream Sample Free Garnier BB Cream Sample. US only.   You will receive a sample of Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector.  To get your free sample, just click the link below the image.  It will take you to their free sample page.  They show two different formulations and do not give you the chance to choose one.  I believe you will get a sample of each.

I have used BB creams in the past and found them to be similar to tinted moisturizers with a few extra benefits, depending on the brand.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to try one, now is your chance.

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Loreal Magic BB Cream Review and Printable Coupon

Loreal Magic BB Cream Review and Printable Coupon

Loreal Magic BB Cream Review

So, BB creams are all abuzz on the market right now.  I just got a free tube of the Loreal Magic BB Cream to Review from SheSpeaks and thought I’d share my opinions of it with you.  A BB cream is a beauty balm or blemish balm.  It’s similar to a tinted moisturizer but usually offers more benefits than a simple moisturizer with a sheer tint.

Loreal’s Magic BB Cream is an all-in-one claiming to provide four benefits.  It’s supposed to deliver the following results

  • prime and smooth the skin, prepping it for for other cosmetics.
  • even out skin tone.
  • hide flaws.
  • offers all day hydration.

First impressions?  Well, my skin has gotten lighter since moving to Minnesota, and I requested the Fair shade.  It comes in four shades from Deep to light.  With adequate blending, it color matches my skin quite well.  But does it live up to it’s promises?

  1. Priming and Smoothing.  The job of a primer is to smooth a surface and prep it for additional color.  I noticed that I could actually wear this alone if I wanted to.  It offers a very natural look.  However, it also did a decent job of smoothing out the skin.  It dried to a powdery finish and was ready for foundation should I want to wear one.  The “Beautifying Beads” blended with my skin tone.  If I purchase more, however, I would like to try one shade darker.  Apparently, my Native American skin didn’t go quite as light as I thought it had.  
  2. Even out skin tone.  Ok.  I am not a spring chicken and am showing early signs of Rosacea (reddening and visible blood vessels) around my nose and on my chin.  The BB cream did an ok job of covering it.   However, after I applied a bit of foundation, it was no longer noticeable at all.  Normally, even with foundation, I have to use copious amounts of concealer to hide the redness.  I didn’t have to with the BB cream.  To be fair, though, the divots around my nose area are quite red, so I was pleased with the coverage.
  3. Hiding Flaws.  As luck would have it, my chin has been breaking out this week.  While the Loreal Magic BB cream did hid the redness, it didn’t hide the big bumps.  But, it did cover other, smaller, uneven spots on my skin.  I think you would have to use concealer to cover anything other than a minor flaw.  It definitely made it less noticeable, though.
  4. All day hydration.  The dry spots on my cheeks have definitely benefited from using the Loreal BB cream.  I still use a nighttime moisturizer, but it does a good job during the day.

For the price, I’d say it’s a pretty good moisturizer.  I would love to see SPF added to it, though, to eliminate one more layer of product I need to use on my face.  It retails for about $10.95 in most mass market stores.  You can find out more about it here.  Additionally, you can print a coupon for $1.00 off any Loreal Paris product to save money on your first purchase of it.  You can print the Loreal Coupon it twice by hitting the back button after the first printing, or by coming back to this post.

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Enter to win the Naked Princess Lip Gloss Giveaway

Naked Princess Lip Gloss Giveaway

Naked Princess Lip Gloss Giveaway

Enter to win the Naked Princess Lip Gloss Giveaway I am hosting right here on my blog.  Are you bold?  Are you adventurous?  Can you see yourself jumping out of an airplane?  How about doing it in just your lingerie?  Yikes!

On November 17, Esme & Eve Founders Jennifer Hoffman and Marisa Gallegos and five other women did just that.  This daring feat was part of the Be Bold. Take a Leap initiative to encourage women to break the shackles of fear and do something outside of their comfort zone. It was a call to action to take a risk  and break through obstacles that prevent them from reaching their dreams.  The jump wearing nothing but a smile and some sexy lingerie symbolized moving forward in their own lives and a challenge to women everywhere to do the same.

I don’t know about you, but when I say I am adventurous, it usually relates to trying a new food.  These women awe me with their bravery.  I would love to go scuba diving one day.  I also have a dream of going down in a shark cage.  Yeah, crazy, I know.  But if these seven women can jump from an airplane in their underwear, I think I can make a step forward to either of these dreams.  At least, in my dreams, I’m completely clothed!  Haha!

In support of this initiative, Naked Princess has donated some lip glosses to help raise awareness of the Be Bold initiative.  I was sent a couple of free tubes of it and love it.  Unlike most lip gloss, I can hardly feel it on my lips and it doesn’t get sticky.  The Naked Princess line comes in several shades of nude. I am hosting a Naked Princess Lip Gloss giveaway on my blog.  If you win, the color you receive is random.  However, the color seems to match almost ever complexion.  The gloss contains Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Moroccan Vanilla, and Antioxidants.  It does not contain parabens, PHTHALATES. GMOS and has CLINICALLY & ALLERGY TESTED. NON-IRRITATING.  It’s also got a non-stinging lip plumper and is supposed to help your lips look younger and smoother in just 5 days.

I hope you will like it it as much as I do.  Wanna try your hand at winning the Naked Princess Lip Gloss Giveaway?

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Eyeshadow Product Review

Physicians Formula Eyeshadow’s durable case and extensive color palette make it the ideal color for anyone.

Pros: Formulated for eye color, durable case, multiple palette in one case for day, night or natural wear

Cons: Case is hard to open

Bought this product at: Walgreens

Overall, I have a love/hate relationship with the case. The case is durable – and I’ve never had it break apart or come open in my purse. On the other hand, the case can be somewhat difficult to open. I love the fact that, as well as being perfectly matched to for eye color, it also comes with 3 different palettes in each case: one for night, one for day or office and one suitable for a more natural lighting. The darker color makes the perfect eyeliner as well. It’s easily bendable and lasts all day.

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Product Review: L’Oreal One Sweep Eyeshadow

L'oreal One Sweep eyeshadowOk – I am a BzzAgent for and they frequently send me products to try and ask that I share my unbiased opinions with you. They don’t tell me what to say.

A little while ago, they sent me the L’Oreal One Sweep Eyeshadow and Double Extend Mascara to try.  This review is only about the eyeshadow.  I have a kinda mixed review on this one.

The eyeshadow trio is really a neat concept.  Like many products on the market, they do have them designed to complement eye color.  My eyes are brown, so they sent me the set to the left.  I love the dark brown and the copper.  If you notice, all three colors are touching each other on the palette.  To apply it, you just sweep the applicator across the palette with the darkest color on the curved part.  Line up the curve with your eye and sweep across.  To blend it, just lightly sweep up!

In theory, this is a great idea.  I had to practice with it a bit to get the right amount of colors in the right place.  Additionally, I like control that a smaller applicator gives me.  I found that I had a difficult time getting enough of the darker color (that goes closest to the eye line) in the right place.  This application style also prohibits much creativity with cosmetic effects.  I don’t wear make-up frequently, but do enjoy it when I am going out.  I don’t generally wear the darkest color ONLY on the eye line.  I usually also wear it in the crease.  Without getting another applicator and placing it there (which totally defeats the purpose of the One Sweep), I was unable to do that.

This product isn’t a total wash though.  The colors are rich and long-lasting.  It was very quick and easy to apply.  If you wear make-up during your normal day and generally wear your darkest color on the bottom, a lighter color in the crease and the highlighter on the top, this product is great.  I will get a lighter version of it and use it to teach my daughter the basics of wearing make-up.  My overall thought?  It’s a great product for someone that doesn’t like to get too creative with their eye-makeup and doesn’t need the control of a smaller applicator.

If you would like to know more, check L’oreal out on Facebook.  While you are there, be sure to like Free N Clear as well.

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