Free Revitalens Cleaner and Lens Case for Contact Lens

Free Contact Lens Case and Revitalens Starter Kit

revitalens sample

Get a free 2 oz. Revitalens OcuTec MPDS starter kit with a lens case .  There are also coupons inside the kit for future purchases.  Just print off the coupon and take it to Walmart Vision center.  US only?

Now that my son has started wearing contacts, I will send these offers to him as well.  It could save him a bit of money on his contact lens solutions.  They can get expensive pretty quickly.  Every little savings helps.

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$1.00 Biotrue Contact Lens solution coupon

$1 Printable Biotrue coupon

biotrue coupon

Get this printable $1.00 coupon on 10 oz. or larger size of  Biotrue Contact Lens solution.  US only I never could hack wearing contact lenses as much as I despised glasses!  I know a lot of people who swear by them though.

Both my son and my husband just started wearing contacts.  My son seems to really enjoy wearing contacts, so I printed this for him.  Just give them your name, email and tell them what brand of solution you normally use.  A new window opens so you can print the coupon.  Print this coupon twice by hitting the back button after the first printing.

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