Free iPad Game for Cats

Free iPad Game for Cats

Buttons playing the free ipad game for cats

Check out this free iPad Game for Cats by Hiccup.  We have 5 cats and they all enjoy it.  I have even seen all of them gathered around the iPad on the floor taking turns chasing the laser.  Buttons, my son’s 9 month old kitten, absolutely loves it!  In fact, if I take out my iPad for my own use, he immediately jumps in my lap and tries to play it.  He acts like it’s his toy and becomes very excited.  His antics over this game are absolutely hilarious.  Buttons will paw at it and jump in the air for half an hour at a time.  Kittens need to be entertained or they become bored.  While fun, you may not have time to play with them when they want to play.  This makes for a bored cat who can become destructive.

When Buttons seems like he is looking for trouble, I just break out my iPad and turn on Game for Cats.  It’s entertaining for him and me.  The free version of the game comes with a laser pointer that the cat can bat around on the screen.  When they tag it, it makes a jingle bell like sound and scores points for the cat.  Obviously, the cat doesn’t care about the score, but it’s fun to compare your cat’s score with your friends’ cats’ scores.  Game for Cats has an option to boast about how good your cat is by sharing on Facebook.

Game for Cats also offers an upgrade to get a butterfly and a mouse screen.  However, those are not free.  The upgrade is only $1.99, so that’s not too bad, but the basic version is free to use forever.  My cats played with the laser for months before I decided to get the mouse and butterfly versions.  Buttons just enjoyed the laser so much, I wanted to see what he would do with the mouse.  He adores it, as well, and actually looks for the mouse under the iPad when the mouse runs off the screen.

Buttons enjoys this game so much and gets completely carried away.  For that reason, I don’t suggest this game to anyone that doesn’t have the new iPad with the glass.  My iPad 3 has the gorilla glass and has never been scratched, but previous versions may be prone to claw scratches due to the design of screen.

Oh!  It’s also a distraction for teenage girls, apparently.  My son’s friend found the game and played it herself for an hour.  LOL.

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Free bag of kitten food – Canada only

Free Kitten food and future Purina Coupons for Canada

Free Purina Kitten food Give your new arrival the perfect start in life with The Purina MyKitten program. You’ll learn how to understand your new furry friend, and give your kitten the best care during their tender first year. When you join, you’ll receive a MyKitten Kit containing:

  • An in-depth care guide with straight-forward advice on kitten care
  • Adorable kitten ID tag
  • Coupon for a FREE bag of protein rich Purina kitten food
  • Purina Pet Advisor contact information for quick and easy reference
  • Health Chart to keep up-to-date with your kitten’s growth

Plus, you’ll receive monthly e-mails tailored to key stages of your kitten’s first twelve months.

When your kitten turns one you’ll receive a Happy Birthday e-mail welcoming you to the Pet Priority program for cats! – Canada only

If you also have a puppy and live in Canada, be sure to check out the MyPuppy Program Purina offers, as well.

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Product Review: Hill’s Science Diet Age Defying Cat Food

Anyone who knows me can vouch for the fact that I love cats.  In fact, we have four of them.  This is  Whiskers, my 17 year old Japanese Bobtail and she means the world to me.  She is a bit on the temperamental side sometimes, but she is 17 years old, so a little attitude from her is to be expected.  So let me tell you a bit about my kitty.  I used to live in the woods in Florida and would feed all the woodland creatures and strays in the neighborhood.  Several cats were included in that count.  Some local kids knew that I had several strays and found this little kitten on the side of the road.  She was so tiny that she could barely walk.  She still wobbled on her little feet and was unable to eat solid food.  We ended up bottle feeding her.

As she is used to this lifetime of coddling, she is quite the picky eater.  She rarely eats canned food and is finicky about switching her dry foods – and has been eating the same food for years.  I know, that at her age, she really needs a more senior diet, but she wouldn’t eat a lot of the senior foods. I was a bit skeptical when I was contacted by BzzAgent with a free bag and a request to review the Hill’s Science Diet Age Defying Cat Food.  It’s formulated for cats age 11+.

The product claims that your older cat will be more interactive, alert and agile within 30 days of starting this regimen.  Whiskers hasn’t been eating it for that long, yet, so I can’t vouch for that.  However, I can tell you that she loves it.  Unlike her usual picky self, she went right for it.  BzzAgent provided a transition guide to switching her food and urged patience, but she instantly liked it.  In fact, all four of the cats loved.  The other three much younger cats would push her out of the way and start eating her food instead of their own, so I had to start feeding her in a separate room partitioned off from the others.  She will now patiently watch while I feed the other cats and then scurry off to the bathroom for her own treat.

When I compare Hill’s Science Diet to the leading brand I was feeding her, Hill’s Science Diet Age Defying is lower in phosphorus and magnesium.  These two minerals can be very hard on a kitty’s kidneys.  It’s also got Omega-6 Fatty acids and lots of vitamins.  Hill’s Science Diet also has a lower calorie concentration.  Despite not eating much, Whiskers is a chunky kitty.  Her joints are achy (probably due to the extra weight) and she has a hard time turning to care for her long fur.  As a result, we keep her shaved.  Hopefully, she will lose some weight and this cat food will do it promises and turn back the clock.

If you aren’t so lucky, or don’t want to wait that long, look for this at your vet and local pet stores (Petco, PetSmart, etc.) as it isn’t available in grocery stores. It costs more than the supermarket brands.  If it’s better for Whiskers, though, she’s worth it.  To learn more about this cat food that my cat likes so much, check it out on Science Diet’s website



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