Free Sheba Cat Food

Free Sheba Cat Food

Free Sheba Cat food Get some free Sheba cat food from Wal-Mart.  US only.  You can will probably have to copy and paste this link:

I got this and I believe it was a free Premium Pate or Premium Cuts in gravy.  The form isn’t clear on exactly what samples they send out and, my memory is really short.  I can’t remember what it was.  I do remember that my cats made very short work of it.  US only

We have five cats and they LOVE canned cat food.  They will be so happy to get this one!

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Natural Balance Pet Food Coupons

Printable Natural Balance Pet Food Coupons

Free Natural Balance Pet Treats Like them on Facebook and get a couple printable Natural Balance Pet Food Coupons.   After you like them, you can click the skip button if you don’t want to share it with your friends.  Then download 2 coupons.

  1. $2 OFF One bag of dry dog or cat food or one case of dog or cat canned food.
  2. $1 OFF One bag of L.I.T. Ingredient Treats dog treats.

All coupons expire on October 31, so print them while you can.  Use the store locator to find your nearest Natural Balance retailer.  I found them at Petco and the health food store.

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Free Pet Supply Catalogs

Free Pet Supply Catalogs

Free Pet Supply Catalogs

Get some free Free Pet Supply Catalogs from Doctors Foster and Smith.  US only.  fill out your name and address (email is optional) and select which catalogs you want.  They have supply catalogs for dogs, cats, birds, fish, pond and garden, wild birds, small pets and ferrets.

In addition to product supplies, you the catalogs contain

  • Hundreds of quality, value-priced products selected by our veterinarians
  • Informative pet-care articles from our doctors
  • Extra special savings with dozens of On Sale items

They ask about horses and reptiles, but only offer an email newsletter for those critters.

Thanks to Annette for finding this one for me 🙂

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The Best Free Pet Contests

The Best Free Pet Contests

Free Pet Contests - Photo courtesy of YukariPets are family and deserve to be treated as such. So why not enter them, their image or their story in the best free pet contests? Sharing your pet with the rest of the world because you know how happy they make you can be exciting.  So if he or she is physically incredible (i.e. obedient or does tricks), you are handy with a camera (even a cell phone!) or can pen a good story, the following contests are for you and your pet. Who knows? Maybe you’ll walk away with a free subscription, publishing or a bit of extra coin for your labor of love.

Cool K9 Keepsake
Pet Contest

LIFE+DOG magazine’s Fido photo spread

Snap a wicked good picture of your pup and that little fuzzball may end up a canine contest beauty in LIFE+DOG magazine’s Fido photo spread. Simply hashtag #LifeandDog on your Instagram photos (yup, it works if you tag old pics, too) and every two months 6-8 winners are chosen. If you win you get a series of your dog’s photos published (without having to relinquish full rights), a free subscription (with, of course, your winning copy) and a prize package for your dog (unspecified but most likely a basket of treats-n-such). Either way, when you win you will have a cool keepsake and bragging rights, which, of course, is priceless.

 The Do Good Video Contest

shelter me video free pet contest

If you want to be part of a contest collective dedicated to preventing the 3 to 4 million sheltered animals that are euthanized each year, you can enter your video in the Shelter Me Video Contest sponsored by PetSafe. Your video can focus on adopting, volunteering, donating, spaying, neutering or fostering featuring your pet as the principal actor. The more creative, the better your chances of winning a $5,000 first, $3,000 second or $2000 third place prize. The first place video will air on national television. Prize money is split between creator and a donation to a shelter of their choice. Free entries end October 15th, 2013.

Little Time Left Buddy Bond Contest

Free Pet Contests - PetcoThis contest is over August 25th, 2013 so you may want to hurry up. Create a short video or written essay showing the bond between you and your pet. Win a grand prize of $50,000, first place of $25,000; and three runner-up prizes of $5,000 each, you’ll feel even better knowing that there is a prize to be donated to a rescue shelter of your choice. Winners will be announced September 30th and you must be able to access Facebook.

Dog or Cat Cover Shot

Evangers Pet Contest

Evanger’s Pet Food is sponsoring a 2014 cover model contest (ends August 31st!). Send in your most engaging image of your cat, dog or both. Entering is free and can be done a number of ways via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or snail mail. No cash prizes, but yet another tool in bragging rights toolbox. There are also some undisclosed prize packages for runner-ups.

Dress ‘Em Up

Pet Contests - Costume WorksThis Halloween enter your pet in Costume Works 2013 Best Pet Costume. There are several contests here for people as well as animals, so make sure you pick the right one. Deadline is November 20th, 2013. These are cash prizes of $100, $50 and $25, and you can submit up to 10 photos of your best pal.

Although some of the best free contests for pets above offer little time to enter, do keep the info for next year’s drawings. This gives you 365 days to plan, construct and execute award-winning entries that will surely hoof past the competition.

Maxime Rieman writes for NerdWallet, a financial literacy site that helps you with all of your finances, including your pet insurance cost.

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Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance Pet Food Coupons (and Review)

Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance Pet Food Coupons and Review

Science Diet Ideal Balance Pet Food Coupons

My cats are important to me and I love to please them with the foods that they love – but I also want them to eat nutritious food.  It thrilled my cats when I received a free bag of Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance Cat food from is an understatement.

I didn’t want them to eat it before I could even do the review and see them eating it, so I stored it in my bedroom closet. The cats literally ate through the bag when someone left the closet door open and they found their new bag of food.  It’s not like they didn’t have food down in the kitchen already, either!  It was even a brand new bag of their regular favorite, but they totally lost interest.  Every morning at feeding time since receiving this new bag, three of my cats would stand guard at my bedroom closet in trying to dart in and snag a bite.  I guess their keen little noses could smell it through the bag!  At any rate, here is a video of my putting down their regular food this morning, along with a bowl of the Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance Pet Food.  You can see for yourself.  They wouldn’t tough their long-time favorite and waited in line at the Hill’s Science Diet even though there was another full bowl of food.

You will have to excuse the video quality here.

I can also feel good about feeding Ideal Balance to my cats because I know it is good for them. It meets the AAFCO feeding standards.   AAFCO or Association of American Feed Control Officials is the governing body for pet food in the United States. “As Fed” is the gold standard for determining nutritional adequacy.  It is not recommended for feeding to Senior cats, so I will have to find some way to keep my Whiskers kitty (18-year-old Japanese Bobtail) from eating it.

It has:

  • Fresh chicken—1st ingredient
  • No corn
  • Formulated for easy digestion
  • Optimal levels of key nutrients

I used the comparison tool on Hill’s Science Diet’s Website to compare it to what I normally feed my cats (as well as other major brands like Nutro and Purina ONE) and it fared better nutritionally every time in several key nutritional variables.  You can run a comparison of your own (and score a free bag for cats or dogs) on the Hill’s Science Diet Ideal Balance website.  There are some other offers you might like in as well on their special offers page.   For more information, be sure to like Hill’s Science Diet on Facebook.

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Free Pet Coupons From Iams Lifelong Rewards

Iams Lifelong Rewards

Free Pet Coupons From Iams Lifelong Rewards
For a love that never fades, join Iams Lifelong Rewards. Get coupons, expert advice & customized pet tips.
Join today! Click Here to Sign up and receive the Iams Lifelong Rewards eNewsletter with special offers and coupons and information about nutrition, health, behavior, training and care from our pet experts.  I have five cats, so I signed up for this one.  We can always use cat food coupons.  This coupon offer is good for dog owners, as well – so join LifeLong Rewards and get pet advice tailored to your needs and coupons.

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