Free Dunn Bros Coffee (Limited States)

Free Dunn Bros Coffee when you Join Brothers & Sisters Club

Free Dunn Bros Coffee

Join the Brothers and Sisters club and get a Free Dunn Bros Coffee.  Just sign up and they will email you a coupon for a free coffee of half off a beverage.  We have one right down the road from us and I do love their coffee.  I think they are only located in  Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, & Wisconsin. Use the store finder to see if you have a Dunn Bros Coffee near you.

If you don’t live near one, but plan to travel, see if one is near your travel path.  Nothing like a free coffee to perk up a tired traveler!

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Free Quit Tea Sample to help you stop smoking

Free Quit Tea Sample

Free Quit Tea Sample Ask for a Quit Tea Sample and learn more about how it can help you quit smoking.  US only.

I ordered a sample of this for my son.  He loves hot tea and told me he wants to quit smoking.  About dang time, I say!

Quitting smoking is difficult at best.  I used to smoke, but wasn’t really hooked.  It was one of those trés uncool teenage habits.  Even still, quitting was difficult.  If you’re looking to quit, you may want to look at something like Quit Tea.  I’ve never tried it, so I can’t vouch for it.  However, it’s supposed to distract the taste buds while the herbs help you get past the craving.  They will send you a single tea bag to let you try it.

Just fill out the information on their form.  They will send you a confirmation link via email.  Mine ended up in my junk email folder, so be sure to check there if you don’t get it almost immediately.

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Free Emergen-C Samples of Vitamin C Energy Booster

Free Emergen-C Samples of Vitamin Drinks

Free Emergen-C Samples

Get some free Emergen-C samples just in time for the winter cold season.  The vitamin drink mix gives you 1000 mg of C plus B vitamins and more.  US only

They will send you a sample of several flavors.  My kids loved these when I got them.  I put them in their snack drawer.  You mix them with water and you get this tasty, vitamin infused beverage.   Each beverage has a different specialty – some of them are energy boosters.  Some of the Emergen-C flavors are immune boosters.  Some of the flavors are just for general, overall health.

This offer for free Emergen-C is still valid – I got 3 different flavors – Tangerine, Pink and Lemon-lime.  It looks like what is pictured now is Pink (which a flavor in designed for Breast Cancer Awareness), Raspberry and Tangerine (on the US page).  I am not sure if the flavor of the Emergen-C samples are random, or if you get what is in the picture.  Additionally, I am not sure if the Canadian samples (which are Vitascorb) are the same flavors.  The site for Canada does not specify and there are no pictures.

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Free Movie Ticket to Paranorman from Langer’s Juice (Mail in Rebate)

Mail-in rebate for a movie ticket


My kids love movies, but they aren’t cheap!  They will likely want to see Paranorman when it comes out.  Langer’s will let you get a free ticket (up to $12 value).  How?

  1. Print off the form.
  2. Mail it in with the proofs of purchase (three Langers Juice UPC’s OR sale receipts)
  3. Get a code via email for a free movie.

It doesn’t say if this offer is limited to one ticket per household, however the ONE in the offer is capitalized.  You may be able to try it twice and mail them in separately.  I don’t see anything about the limits.

Remember, when you mail in the form, use a valid email address because that is where they send you your code to redeem the movie.  US only

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