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Free Animals Belong in the Jungle coloring book and stickers US/Canada

Free Animals Belong in the Jungle coloring book and Ele-friend stickers

Free Animals Belong in the Jungle coloring book and stickers

Give them your name and address and get a free Animals Belong in the Jungle coloring book and ele-friend sticker sheet. US/Canada

This free offer comes from PETA for Kids.  If clicking the link doesn’t work, copy and post this into a new browser window: They make a heart-felt plea for moving an ailing elephant named Lucy to a larger elephant habitat they believe can better meet her needs.  In exchange for the stickers and coloring book, you agree to send a letter to Edmonton’s mayor urging him to move her.

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Free True Sport Activity Book download

Free True Sport Activity Book

Free True Sport Activity Book If you think good sportsmanship is the most important element in sports, then ask for this Free True Sport Activity Book for kids.  *THIS IS NOW AVAILABLE VIA DOWNLOAD ONLY*.

My younger children played soccer in the past.  They cited many reasons they desired to quit, but other players’ bad attitudes really cultivated that desire more than anything else.  I have taught my kids to play fair.  They also know that anyone can master losing gracefully, but it’s equally important to be a gracious winner.  True Sport uses dot-to-dot, mazes, coloring pages, crossword puzzles and other fun activities to teach fairness and respect.

You can download and print this free 17 page activity book.

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Free Lorax Dr. Suess Activity Book and Stickers – International

Free Lorax Dr. Suess Activity Book

Free lorax Dr. Suess Activity book

Play along with the Lorax and teach kids the value of saving energy.  Get a free Dr. Suess Lorax Activity book

for kids from Energy Star – you can print it or have it mailed.  The free Dr. Suess Lorax Activity book appears to be international.  I wish that my kids were still young enough to enjoy Dr. Seuss, but they outgrew him long ago.  Very cool idea from Energy Star to use the Lorax to get the attention of young kids and start teaching them environmental stewardship early.

You can order up to 10 of these in the US!  Be advised that ENERGY STAR can ship only one copy per publication to international addresses.  Just enter the number you want in the field below the “download” option if you want them to mail it to you.

The free Lorax Activity Book is the first choice.  Scroll down their page and find the Team Energy Star Stickers.

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Printable Personalized Tooth Brushing Chart – International

Personalized Tooth Brushing Chart

Love your teeth

Do you think a personalized tooth brushing chart may help motivate your child to brush?  I found this free printable one and it’s Adorable!

Just enter your child’s name, and press “Print My Chart.”  You don’t have to give them your email or anything.  Print off the chart and let your child color in a box every time they brush their teeth.  At the of four weeks, if they have colored in two boxes for every day, they win!  You get to determine what they win.  You are responsible for providing the incentive, but there are many creative solutions.  You could award extra time outside, or a small toy from a box – I’m sure you could even come up with some better rewards to motivate your child to brush their teeth and fill in all the squares.

I used to use a chart similar to this for my own kids – but that was way before computers were readily available in the home, so I made my own.  This little tooth brushing chart is just the cutest thing ever!

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Free Printable Halloween Coloring Pages and Python Kit Review

Free Printable Halloween Coloring Pages

Free Printable Halloween Coloring Pages

I always love free printable Halloween coloring pages.  They can keep the kids busy for hours.  I am planning for a major Halloween party.  We do one every year.  My and my daughter’s birthday are also coming up.  I sometimes like to do Halloween-types of things for our birthdays since it’s so close.

I just downloaded a really cool printable Halloween Games Pack from Python Printables.  It came with over 30 games to print.  Some of them are suitable for kids only.  Some of pretty much for teens and some are perfect for an adult get-together.   Some of them are good for mixed age groups.   It even comes with some cute, full color printable invitations to the party.   The set that I bought comes with all these

  1. Halloween Coloring Pages
  2. Charades Monster Mash-Up
  3. Chew On This Candy Names Game For Kids
  4. Chocolate Trivia
  5. Costume Party Paper Dolls
  6. Crafty Pumpkin Decorating Ideas
  7. Crossword Puzzles Pack of 3
  8. Cubicle Chaos Mad Libs
  9. Escape From The Garden Left-Right
  10.  Fun Quizzes For Halloween
  11. Gross Cooties Trivia
  12. Gross Trivia
  13. Left In The Dark Right Left Game
  14. Maze Game For Kids
  15. Memory Match Game For Kids
  16. Name That Candy Bar Game
  17. Naughty or Nice?
  18. Newlywed Game Questions
  19. Pin The Head On The Monster
  20. Pirate Language Game
  21. Pumpkin Picture Match
  22.  Scary Synopsis Horror Movie Trivia
  23. Scavenger Hunt For Kids
  24. Spooky Slumber Party Mad Libs
  25. Stephen King Books and Movies Trivia
  26. Synonyms For Kids
  27. Teen Terrors Mad Libs
  28. Tongue Twisters
  29. Trick or Treat Trivia game
  30. Twisted Horror Movie Titles
  31. Vampire Trivia
  32. Werewolf Spot The Difference
  33. Who Am I?
  34. Who’s The Bad Guy?
  35. Word Search Puzzles Pack of 3
  36. Halloween Invitations

The kit isn’t free, but it’s really cute.  The complete kit of printable Halloween games from Python costs $19.99.  If you do decide to buy the full kit, use code MYSTY at checkout to get a mystery discount.  I am not sure how much it is.  The discount changes every day.   They also have some really cute free printable Halloween coloring pages for you that comes with 8 free cute coloring pages and a coupon for $5 off.  They also have a free e-book of other fall coloring pages and games (normally $14.99)  .

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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