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Swish Junior Card Game Giveaway and Review

We recently took a 12 hour drive for a South Dakota vacation with four kids and I needed something small and portable to keep them occupied.  Since we were “getting away from it all”, including technology, I wanted something besides their iPods and other devices.  I picked up this really cool Swish Junior Card Game and threw it in the bag.  One morning while two of the kids and my husband were still snoozing off the long drive and adventures of the previous day, I broke out the game since I thought it would be quiet enough not to disturb the sleeping people in the next room.

Swish Junior

Lydia shows off her first Swish on the transparent cards.

It comes with a travel bag, making the Swish Junior Card Game ultra-portable.  The rules are easy and the kids loved that the transparent cards.  I loved that, even on vacation, I was able to find something to entertain the kids while still engaging their minds.  Swish Junior helps kids aged 5-15 years old develop spatial and pattern recognition.  Our kids were 12-15 years-old, so at the ideal age.

Swish Jr comes with 42 transparent cards.  Each card bears the image of two shapes.  Some shapes are hollow and some are filled.  The goal is to match the cards so that each hollow shape matches a solid shape on the card.

The rules are really easy.  Shuffle the cards and deal them out in 3 rows of four columns each.  Be the first player to see a Swish (matching card set).  The player with the most number of Swishes wins.

This video does a better job explaining how to play Swish, Jr.

My kids really got competitive with it and declared a new rule – you must match THREE shapes to declare a swish.  Next, she and I tried to see who could make the largest Swish.  She’s a pretty smart cookie.  In fact, my daughter beat me with an incredible 7 card Swish!  Check it out!


My daughter and her friend playing Swish Junior

My daughter and her friend playing Swish Junior

Well, Swish Junior did not stay as quiet as I thought it would.  One of the other kids overheard the ruckus from our “Swish” yelling and wanted to play as well. More than two people can play, but I needed to start breakfast for all the kids, so I gave up my spot and let my daughter and her friend play, as long as they promised to stay quieter than we had been before.

I almost brought Math Dice Powers along for the trip since I was looking for something to stimulate their brains.  It also comes with a Game-Go storage bag and teaches mental math skills.  You roll the dice and try to come up with a math equation from the rolled combo. It’s new from ThinkFun and helps kids learn powers and exponents.   It’s great for ages 10 to adult and any number of people can play it.  Kids may be on summer vacation, but when they go three months without using what they learned in school, they tend to forget their lessons.  I like ThinkFun because they have a complete line of games that keeps kids’ sharp while the kids still have fun!

If you are a teacher, be sure to check out Math Dice Tournament Kit.  It’s big enough for the entire classroom to play at one time!

My kids enjoyed Swish, Jr so much that I want to give away a game here.  I believe kids should play games that stimulate thinking skills and spatial awareness, but still have fun in the process.  Do you agree?  Enter below!

HOW TO ENTER TO Swish, Jr Card Game

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I did receive a free sample of the game for the purposes of review, but all opinions are my own.

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  2. Something seems wrong with the way you embedded your Giveaway Tools widget. I can’t interact with it at all. Maybe it’s another code on the page that’s interfering…

    1. Oh wait, it works. I think the issue is how you color coded it. The text is white, so I can’t see that I’m typing. Can you change the colors to the default?

      My favorite thinkfun game is Zingo!

      1. Thank you for the heads up! I didn’t realize there was a problem. I accidentally deleted the entire CSS page for the blog yesterday and had to rebuild it from the ground up. I don’t know how that interfered with the giveaway form, but it did. I fixed it (I think). Please let me know if you have any other problems.

  3. There is some great games on there, just so many to choose from but I like the Thinkfun Pathwords Jr Puzzle

  4. My grandkids would love ThinkFun Tipover. I will be shopping your products for xmas definately.

  5. I think that Zingo looks fun and fairly easy for my daughter who is just learning to read, to play also.

  6. I rhink Laser Maze Logic Game and ThinkFun Gordians Knot both look very interesting and lots of fun!

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