Space Warriors Blu-Ray Giveaway – *Winner Announced*

Space Warriors Blu-Ray Giveaway

Space Warriors Giveaway

Be sure to catch Space Warriors, a family sci-fi movie, on the Hallmark Channel on June 14 at 8/7c.   Every Friday night, Walden Family Theater features another great movie.  All the Walden Family Theater presentations are family-friendly films that you can enjoy with your children.  Past films have included The Chronicles of Narnia, Holes, Nim’s Island, Charlotte’s Web and Return to Nim’s Island.  Now, they are featuring Space Warriors.

Space Warriors is about a group of highly skilled kids that go to a Space Camp Competition and end up having to save a group of astronauts stranded in space.

You know me!  I am a sci-fi fanatic, so I am eager to watch Space Warriors.  It even has Danny Glover, and I like his work!  It’s a sci-fi film that I haven’t seen yet and I just know my kids will enjoy it.  I am such a sci-fi nut that when I took the quiz on this widget, I  got a perfect score.  I am an astoundingly awesome astronaut that knows more about space than anyone else.  Haha!  Well, I don’t know about that, but I am very jealous that I can’t go out on the first Mars colony.  What result did you get on this How Spacey Are You quiz?

You can also watch the trailer on the widget.  Also, be sure to also download the viewing guide to totally enhance your spacey experience.  Some of the activities look like a lot of fun.  I think I will put the kids dinners in bags and let them eat like astronauts.  Of course, dressing up like spacemen might be fun, too.  A regular family movie night might be just what we need. In fact, I’m going to start marking my Friday nights to watch the great line-up that the Walden Theater has planned.

Wanna learn more about the movie?  Be sure to check out the official Space Warriors web page.

Would you like to win your own Space Warriors Blu-Ray + DVD + VUDU Digital Copy?  Be sure to enter below to win your very own copy.  Giveaway ends on June 24, 2013.

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