Winner Announced: Skinny Pop popcorn Case Giveaway

Skinny Pop Popcorn Review and Giveaway

Skinnypop Popcorn

I absolutely adore popcorn, but usually avoid the prepared bags in the store.  I really thought they would taste stale, but then I tried Skinny Pop.  It tastes fresh popped and is delicious.  Skinny Pop comes in two flavors: Lightly Salted and Black Pepper.  And – you parents packing school lunch boxes are gonna love this – It comes in two sizes.  Skinny Pop Popcorn is available in Skinny Packs with 6  individual serving bags perfect for sneaking into school lunch boxes.  Skinny Pop also comes in larger 4.4 oz bags.  If you are doing a family movie night, just dump it in a bowl and enjoy!   You don’t have to wait for the microwave.  This snack will not slow down your family together time.

Skinny Pop

Skinny Pop comes in 2 sizes and 2 flavors.

My kids loved the Skinny Pop.  Lydia really liked the Black Pepper popcorn.  It’s not as spicy as I was expecting, and has just a hint of black pepper flavor.  The Lightly Salted Skinny Pop is my favorite.  This popcorn proves that you can have a rich butter flavor without the popcorn being drenched in butter.  It has the perfect mouth-feel and just the right amount of butter flavor.  My daughter did say that, if you like it saltier, just turn the bag upside down and shake before you open it.  I, personally, thought it had enough salt.

Of course, Skinny Pop features what the kids love best – great taste and easily portable for school lunches.  However, it’s also got what I care about – good nutritional value and no artificial anything.  Skinny Pop has zero trans fat and no cholesterol.   The Skinny Pack bags are my personal favorite.  They only come in the Lightly Salted flavor, but that’s OK by me, because it’s my favorite.  Each single serve bag only has 100 calories, 2 grams of fiber and 2 grams of protein.  The larger bags have just 38 calories in a single cup.  No matter which option I choose,  so I can snack guilt-free and feel good about what I am feeding my family.  Good eating habits last a lifetime.  I want to teach my kids to love good food now, so it’s natural for them in adulthood.

Skinny Pop is also Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Tree-Nut Free, Peanut Free, Dairy Free and Preservative Free.  The list of ingredients that Skinny Pop does NOT have is longer than the list of ingredients it DOES have.  It’s got All Natural Popcorn, Sunflower Oil and salt.  Just three ingredients.  That’s it.  My youngest can read the entire ingredient list out loud without ever taking a breath.

Hey!  Did you see that it is non-GMO?  Corn is one of the largest GMO crops in the US, so the fact that Skinny Pop is non-GMO really impresses me.

You can find Skinny Pop popcorn at Walgreens and a few grocery store.  In the Minnesota area, I found them at Cub and Rainbow.  Use the store locator to find them near you.   Be sure to check out their website, follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook to learn more about SkinnyPop.

Seriously, this stuff is so good!  Would you like to try it?  I am giving away one case of SkinnyPop popcorn.  You can choose whether you want a case (12 4.4 oz bags) of Lightly Salted or Black Pepper or a case (10 packs) of SkinnyPacks (60 individual bags total).  So, what will it be?  The delectable, hint of black pepper?  The satisfying lightly salted? Or the SkinnyPack size perfect for packing in the lunch boxes?

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223 thoughts on “Winner Announced: Skinny Pop popcorn Case Giveaway

  1. trying to lose weight and skinny pop sounds great to try as my snack food when I have that night time craving

  2. I am eager to try Skinny Pop because I want a snack I can eat the whole bag of and not feel guilty.

  3. I love popcorn so I’m looking for something that’s low fat,lightly salted that tastes good.These sound delish. Thank you 🙂

  4. I am ready to try some popcorn that has just the right amount of butter, without the bag being greasy and yucky! 🙂

  5. I love, Love, LOVE popcorn but it’s so high in fat but this sounds like a wonderfully tasty alterniative!

  6. I grew up with a huge popcorn loving family. We had it every weekend. I would feel less guilty with a healthier alternative to it.

  7. Since starting my dog rescue, Hearts and Hounds Rescue, last summer, my schedule is beyond chaotic and I’ve fallen into unhealthy snacking habits (since it’s so much easier to grab a bag of potato chips than to actually make something healthy). This sounds like it might be the perfect product for me to keep around so I can snack healthier (and I LOVE popcorn)!

  8. Posted name rexxtigger. Never tried this kind, would like to. Wish we could get 1/2 n 1/2, would like to try the black pepper one too. Ty

  9. I love popcorn (who doesn’t?) and this is a brand that I have not heard of before. Also, I would really like to try the black pepper.

  10. I love to snack, but don’t like to eat greasy, high calorie items. This is a healthy alternative that looks delicious.

  11. I really need to lose weight and I love my snacks so this sounds like a match made in Heaven for me.

  12. I luv popcarn but must admit I always have to have at least a little butter on it.
    I am hoping this will be a healthier alturnative for me…thanks!

  13. Popcorn is my favorite snack — I probably eat too much of it! I would love to have this skinny pop so I can still enjoy it without worrying about my weight!

  14. I would love to win because my grandson loves popcorn and this sounds so much better than what I have been giving him. I love that he could take these bags to school in his lunch and I could feel good about it.

  15. this new popcorn sounds amazing. I would love to win some. The black pepper kind is really appealing. Great for kids to snack on and in lunch-boxes. Perfect, for a party or just sharing with each other, so we can pop together.

  16. Love popcorn but not the calories the regular kind has so finding a delicious skinny alternative works for me.

  17. I want to try it because it’s low-calorie, has a little bit of fiber and protein, and only has 3 ingredients! This would be a great snack for my son and I.

  18. I love popcorn and the thought of being able to eat more of it and not have to worry about my weight is just way cool. I would love to win this as my craving for GREAT popcorn is hard to satisfy when I buy just the everyday run of the mill popcorn !!! thankx !!!!!!

  19. My mom likes popcorn (so do I, occasionally) but she doesn’t really care for how unhealthy it is. This would be neat to try.

  20. I am an aerobics instructor and a school teacher. I’d like to try skinny pop, because I love healthy snacks. Also, if I won the “HUGE” box, I could use it as prizes in my classroom at school. Kids go crazy for food, and it’s a bonus that it’s HEALTHY food! 🙂

  21. I would love to try this popcorn. I need all the help I can get with this diet I’m on. Hurry send soon. I’m in a snacking mood.

  22. I have never tried Skinny Pop but it sounds good and healthy. I am willing to try just about anything and everything.

  23. We love popcorn, but my husband has recently developed diabetes so we are trying healthier things. Skinny Pop looks like it would be healthier.

  24. I love popcorn and would love to be able to lose weight and eat popcorn at the same time.Awesome! 🙂

  25. My youngest is a huge popcorn fiend but he also drowns it with bad stuff. I’d love to find something he likes that is a healthier alternative and lunch box packages … Yeah for me too!!!

  26. I love popcorn! It’s a great snack when you need that extra little boost between meals. The small packs are just right for those of us who are on a diet. Another great thing is that it’s non-GMO and safe for people who have food allergies.

  27. i would love to win this because i love popcorn! also, thanks to your excellent review, i am confident that it would be fresh tasting and crispy. this is such a great prize-i hate pulling out the popper when i only want a quick snack-thanks!

  28. I love popcorn and I would like to have a snack that I can eat without feeling guilty about it!

  29. I love popcorn. Eating popcorn helped me after I quit smoking cigarettes many years ago. After I stuffed myself with hot-air popped popcorn I didn’t want a cigarette!

  30. I’m trying to lose some extra weight I gained after being on an anti-depressant for the better part of a year. As I walk with a cane, the extra weight is not doing me any favors. My wardrobe is too tight and my budget is even tighter. I would love to have a snack around the house that is not only healthy for me, but for my nieces and nephew when they visit. Doritos reigns supreme with them, but I might be able to sway them to a fun snack like this one!

  31. I want to try The skinny popcorn to see if it taste good. Usually anything that is low-fat does not taste that great.

  32. We all like popcorn, and it is a healthy snack for everyone. Would love to try all of these flavors.

  33. I have never tried this brand of popcorn, but I’d love to. My kids are both huge fansof popcorn so that’s the main reason I’d love to win this!!!!

  34. I want to try Skinny Pop because I am trying to clean up my diet. I enjoy the taste of popcorn but I end up loading it with butter to mask the dry taste. Skinny Pop sounds like a good solution to this problem.

  35. Trying to watch our food intake that has no GMO and we really love eating popcorn in the evenings. Would love to try this.

  36. I love popcorn and usually I eat extra butter. It would be great to find one that didn’t have so many calories.

  37. i love popcorn,, but finding one my future son-in-law, a nutritionist, and i can agree on is not easy.
    Maybe this will be the one. 😀

  38. I want to try this because the popcorn that I usually buy is full of unhealthy added ingredients. Trying to cut back on ingredients that I cannot pronounce 😉

  39. I love to eat and I love to lose weight; how to do it better than eating skinny pop. Pop goes the calories. Please mail the skinny.

  40. I love Popcorn but the microwave kind has that fat they use for flavor. I’d like to see if the Skinny Popcorn is better and lighter.

  41. Popcorn is a favorite snack for everyone in the family, and many of the commercial brands are really high in fat and salt content, OR have no taste at all. Would like to try one that says it is good FOR you as well as tasting good.

  42. I am a huge snacker and get way too many calories this way! This popcorn seems perfect for me 🙂 I can have my snack and be a little healthy too.

  43. I love that they’re NON-GMO. I’m happy to support companies that recognize the vital importance of this.

  44. My family loves popcorn as a healthy snack and if I can try a new popcorn without all the preservatives that would be great!

  45. I would love to win because we watch alot of movies at home and nothing goes better with a movie than some yummy popcorn !!

  46. I have heard good things about Skinny Pop Popcorn. I haven’t tried it. But, I would love to win. Thanks for the opportunity and chance to win.

  47. For something new to try and for the different flavor! I love black pepper on all my food!! So hoping I get the chance to try!! 🙂

  48. I want to try it because I know popcorn is a good snack to eat. It doesn’t have a lot of calories as long as you don’t put butter on it!

  49. I am addicted to skinny pop so i would love to try anything! I usually buy just the regular size bag at the store and it goes fast!! 🙂

  50. I’m always looking for low calorie snack options. I love popcorn, so this is a great choice for me to try out. Thanks for the opportunity to win some!

  51. I am eager to try the Skinny Pop Popcorn because it has good nutritional value and no artificial anything.

  52. I”m eager to try the skinny pop because popcorn is my favorite snack and it would be great to have it without any high calorie toppings.

  53. I love popcorn, but yummy popcorn normally isn’t very healthy. I would love to have a healthy popcorn for stay at home movie dates with my husband.

  54. My whole family loves popcorn. Sitting down to a DVD with a big bowl of it is a common blessing in our house. To be able to still do that, yet make it a healthier option would be wonderful.

  55. my fiance and i are trying to eat better and lose weight…we have gained a few pounds over the last 3 years and this seems like a better alternative then chips

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