Save $2 on Bon Appetit Frozen Entrees

Bon Appetit Frozen Meals

Me making Bon Appetit

Me?  Cook?  You must be kidding!  I am definitely a creature of convenience and I love these new Bon Appetit frozen entrees.  They make putting a nice entree on the table for my family very easily.  Bon Appetit frozen are parchment  meals for two.  They are microwaveable, but you can also prepare them in an oven for a more “professional” presentation.  Right now, you can even save $2 with a printable coupon available from their website


What do I like about them?

  • Easy! Just put them in the microwave for 6 minutes (or bake for 30 minutes).  Supplement with a side salad and some fruit and you have a well-rounded meal.
  • Convenient.  Even for those who like to cook, you may not always have time or want to spend the time it takes to prepare a stew or Chicken Marsala.  They are perfectly portioned for two people as a main entree.
  • Tasty!  My son loved the Beef in Red Wine Sauce.  He ate the entire package himself.  I asked him if he liked it and he replied “Well, there is no more on the plate.”  So, I guess I will take that as a yes!
  • Gourmet.  Unlike most frozen dinners, Bon Appetit is actually appealing to the eye.  You could put it on a plate and no one would be the none-the-wiser that you didn’t spend all day planning a fabulous meal.  Keep this in mind for future romantic nights in 🙂


  • None of them are vegetarian.  That’s ok for our family because, while I am a vegetarian, my husband and son are not.  I just cook up their entree and serve up what I am having for dinner as a side for them.  However, I would love to see some vegetarian options in the future.
  • Bon Appetit frozen entrees are not available in all markets.  I finally found them at Walmart, but Walmart is not my primary place to shop.  They didn’t have them at Target SuperCenter.  I would like to see some better availability.  Until that happens though, I at least know that I can find them at Walmart.
Disclaimer: I received a free sample or coupon from to try Bon Appetits.  However, all opinions are my own.

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