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Punch Street Greeting Card Review

Punch Street - Greeting Card Review and an Edgy Giveaway

Punch Street is an innovative company that picks up where other companies leave off and cover an ill-represented demographic: the young, edgy urbanite.  I can honestly say that I have not come across another greeting card company that offers a line of cards anywhere near similar to these greeting cards.  They are young and fresh and have their fingers on the pulse of what is cool with the older teen and early twenties scene.   They also have a selection of Punch Street related T-shirts featuring their very own Punch Street Characters.

Punch street carries a wonderfully stylish line of unique greeting cards, invitations, save the date, post cards, baby announcements, and Ecards.  Some of the cards even offer the option of having Punch Street mail the cards to the recipient for you.  That’s a service most companies don’t offer at all.  When  you are trying to plan an event, sometimes being able to delegate the responsibility of mailing cards out is a great stress reliever.   You can customize the text on all of them and many of them will let you add your own photo.  When you order, you are entitled to revise your order up to 2 times at no additional charge.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve messed up the text on a personalized card.  I don’t think I’ve seen any other card company offer that service either.

I received a package of their cards and a T-shirt from Punch Street today.

Mother’s Day Birthday Believe Single
Punch Street - Mothers Day Punch Street - Color My Birthday Rainbow Punch Street - Believe Punch Street - Single


The Punch Street cards I received immediately captured my attention.  In addition to being printed with bright, true colors, they also have a slight sheen from an eye-grabbing metallic finish.  While you may recognize the standard greeting card categories, Punch Street cards are anything but traditional.

I really like their line of Mother’s Day cards.  They are designed for young mothers and single moms.  My sister and I both had our first children when we were young.  Most of the greeting card companies just don’t offer anything that is truly appropriate for young and/or single mother’s.  I am not sure if they have just forgotten that segment of our population or if they are just too afraid to address them.  However, despite being young, we were good moms and good moms deserve appropriate recognition.  So do good young fathers and single moms.  Punch Street has not forgotten them, either.  Father’s day is also coming up and Punch Street has a touching line of Father’s day cards for young dads and a couple of Father’s day cards for moms that are in it all alone as a single parent.  I don’t see any Mother’s day cards for single dads there, though.

The Believe in Yourself card represents Punch Street’s anti-bullying campaign.  How many card companies have you seen with that card line?  Telling a young person that they are special enough to believe in themselves is a strong message.  My almost-teen daughter saw this card and claimed it from the samples.  She witnesses bullying behavior on a daily basis and instantly thought of a few friends that could use the power of some positive thinking.

And, the Single line really earned a smirk from me.  I’m happily married now, but I’ve been in my share of relationships that didn’t end well.  Sometimes that’s a cause for celebration.  Sometimes, it creates a need for a good shoulder and listening ear.  Punch Street recognizes that and caters to both sides of the coin.  After my divorce, I was ready to cut loose, so the Single To-Do list card really spoke to me.  It’s a bit irreverent, but recognizes that it’s not always a bad thing for a relationship to end.  Sometimes, it’s a much needed change in scenery.

Punch Street is different from other greeting card companies that they even have sympathy cards for going to jail.  They also offer cards to demonstrate emotional support for friends going through rehab.  Like I said, this not your run-of-the-mill card shop.  If you need a greeting card for an unusual situation, save yourself some time and check here first.  It sure beats pouring through cards that just don’t really convey what you want them to say.

Punch Street Shirt - Male - FrontThe T-shirt is a heavy-weight tag-less T-shirt made of soft cotton.  The front bears Punch Street’s web address is raised, fuzzy lettering.  The mail shirt has bright yellow-green lettering and the fitted, female shirt has pink lettering.  I am not sure what the material of the lettering is, but you can actually feel the fuzzy with your fingers.  I am not sure my photo captured that very well.  Many thanks to my son for modeling it for me.

Punch Street T-shirt (Back)The back features Punch Street’s very own character crew: Anna Kari, Bella Perry, Dot Garber and Blake Brees.  The names are printed in a shiny printed foil.  Tiny clear rhinestones act as the embellishments on the girls’ clothing and the guys’ buttons.  They also adorn the jewelry that each of the characters are wearing.  The sleeve bears the Punch Street logo in the same metallic foil lettering.  Unlike many shirts where the sleeve is simply turned under and stitched, this t-shirt’s sleeves are actually cuffed and will likely result in improved durability and longer wear.

Wanna learn more?  Visit them on PunchStreet.com or connect with them on their social media channels:

Twitter: @punchstreet  Instagram: @punchstreet and Facebook: /punchstreet

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GIVEAWAY IS OVER, but you should still check them out!  Very cool company.

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