Printable Afrin Coupon – Save $1

Save $2 with a printable Afrin Coupon

Printable Afrin Coupon

Save $2 with a printable Afrin Coupon.  I hate being sick.  I have a high threshold for pain, but I completely stop functioning if I can’t breathe.  Seriously, I had a C-Section and was taking care of the baby by myself that afternoon.  I even packed my own bags to leave the hospital.  I had two wisdom teeth pulled and didn’t need any pain killer at all.  However, if I get congested, my world completely stops.  I can’t stand that feeling that I can’t breathe.

We are fast approaching one of those times of year, as well, where I continually get congested, too.  Every time the kids go back to school after summer, I end up getting sick.  I also seem to get sick more often in the winter.  I’m not sure why that is.  It just seems to happen that way.  I just know that when I get sick, some medicines can fix the coughing and other cold and flu symptoms, but nothing works on my congestion quite like Afrin.  I like the Severe Congestion with menthol in it.  It helps get me through those days.  More importantly, however, it helps me get through the night because it works for a full 12 hours.  I absolutely cannot sleep when I’m congested.  I have tried the store brands with the same ingredients and they seem to wear off faster for some reason.  I skimp on a lot of things, but not on nasal spray.   So, I will stick up for myself, and print some coupons for Afrin.  When you get to the site, the link to the  printable Afrin coupon is in the upper right and says “Save Now.”  I just got a free sample of it from BzzAgent, too, so I am set for the winter!

They also have a neat widget on the site where you can “squirt” some words of wisdom.   They also have a cute advertisement to for the Stick up for yourself campaign.  What is your favorite of the words of wisdom?   I got a giggle out of one that said “A sigh of relief is breathed through both nostrils.”

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