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Personalized Children’s Book

personalized children's books

Enter to win a personalized children’s book of your choice from MyFairyTale books.  Every hardbound book is professionally printed with bright, true colors.  A couple of months ago, we welcomed a new boy into our extended family and I wanted a unique gift that was unlikely to be duplicated.  I remembered how much I loved books as a child and believe every child learn to love reading at an early age.  I read to my children as babies and want to instill that love of reading in my new nephew as well.

So, I got him a personalized children’s book from MyFairyTale Books.  It just seemed like the most appropriate personalized children’s gift around.

Selecting the book was the hardest part of ordering.  They have so many books to choose from including books with recognizable characters like Scooby Doo and Sesame Street.  MyFairyTaleBooks also offers personalized children’s books for special events like visiting a fire station, potty training or a first day of school.  They have books for babies learning to potty train all the way up to early readers.

I think the “new baby” books would make a great gift to explain the wondrous excitement surrounding a new baby to a young sibling.  A young child learning to read would find delight in seeing their name on every page of an alphabet book.  Imagine the excitement a birthday child would get from having a book made just for their special day?  They also have holiday and religious books.  Some books that appeal to girls and some aimed at boys.

Enter to win a Personalized Children's bookI chose “The Train With No Name” by J.W. Dixon for my nephew.  I love the message that even a small person can make a big difference in the world.  I’ve seen too many kids grow up feeling powerless.  In this book, my nephew, his aunts and uncle visit a train station in his own hometown.  He becomes the engineer of a small, unimportant engine and saves a track tester from danger.  In the process, the train earns a name.

It’s a cute book with an important message delivered in a non-preachy style.  Taydon’s name appears on every page of the book.

It’s a hardbound book with simple, bright images relate-able to young children.  The fun images are not over-complicated nor distracting from the story. Of course, kids being kids, the cover is bound to get stuff spilled on it.  Not to worry, it’s a washable cover.  Just take a sponge to it and wipe up the mess.  It’s a good quality book that will hopefully become a cherished keepsake helping Taydon to remember an imaginary adventure where he was smart enough to save the day and make a difference.

Enter to win a Personalized Children's book

Stories are like children. They grow in their own way. Grow in Wisdom and in Stature.
With love and brightest hopes for your future,
Aunt Sissy

Each book has an inscription page so that you can create a special message for the intended recipient.  Mine says:

This book was created especially for Taydon

Stories are like children. They grow in their own way.
Grow in Wisdom and in Stature.
With love and brightest hopes for your future,
Aunt Sissy

I quoted one of my favorite children’s authors, Madeleine L’Engle.  The second line quotes the Bible – and is my hope for all children that they grow in wisdom and stature.  I don’t want them to just grow up and be physically strong, but also of good character and able to make good decisions, which is what it takes to make a positive difference in the world.

Be sure to visit MyFairyTaleBooks to see all the personalized children’s books they offer.  They also offer other great personalized gift ideas like DVD’s, music CD’s, Puzzles and gift sets.  Be sure to like them on Facebook, Follow on twitter, Circle them on Google+, and follow on Pinterest.

I enjoyed this personalized children’s book so much that I decided to give one away here.  You will be able to choose any book on MyFairyTaleBooks website and have it completely personalized.  This would make a great gift idea for a special kid in your life.  Commemorate a special event or give it “Just Because”.  Books teach reading skills and reading is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

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41 thoughts on “Enter to win a Hardcover Personalized Children’s Book *Winner Announced*

  1. I would get the A to Z book for my son. I am always looking for fun ways to teach the alphabet, and I think this would be perfect!

  2. I want Little One, Little One , What Do You See book. It is the one my granddaughters picked out. If I win the book will go to them.

  3. I would get Little One, Little One, What Do You See? for my daughter because I’ve read that book before and I like it!

  4. I'd get the birthday surprise…my grandson is deathly afraid of birthdays and he will be 4 this October! I am really trying to find something that can make it less scary for him!

  5. I’d get “Let’s Count on Sesame Street” for my daughter. She LOVES Sesame Street, can’t get enough!!

  6. I would pick out Little One, Little One What Do You See for my nephew Landon. I think it would be very educational for him. He’s getting ready to start preschool.

  7. I would get Teddy Bear Land for my daughter. I think it would be fun to read it with her teddy bears and her.

  8. My Camping Adventure for my grandson, because I think he’d enjoy it! (though trains are a particular favorite!)_

  9. I would get My First Day of School since my son will be starting preschool for the first time in August. So excited!! =)

  10. A to Z will be my choice for my grand daughter who will be attending preschool shortly for the 1st time.

  11. I would choose Dinosaur Land for my son. I think he would enjoy reading it once he learned to read and I would like reading it to him.

  12. I would get the book “Little One, Little One, What Do You See? for my oldest son. He is a beginning reader and I think this story would be perfect for him because he loves stories that rhyme and animals. Not to mention the fun he’d find with his name being used in the story!

  13. I would get the Justice League for my oldest son because he is learning to read and he loves superheroes, so I think it would be a great gift for him

  14. I did two full sections, but it isn’t counting the entries in my count. Hopefully it will take

    1. Candice,
      I just checked and I have a bunch of entries from you on this giveaway. I’m not sure why the app isn’t showing it, but your entries were recorded.

  15. I love the Bye Bye Diapers as we are potty training our son. He loves Elmo so this would really help!

  16. I would like to get Dinosaur Land for my nephew Landon because I think he would really enjoy it.

  17. Wow this is the first time I have ever won anything and I am so grateful and blessed. It was such a nice surprise to get this in the mail for my daughter. She loved it and so did my whole family especially my husband who had never seen a book made like this. Thanks so much for this opportunity to give my daughter something special she will always treasure!

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