Enter to Win an Orkin Home Education Kit and Flashlight

Orkin Home Education Kit and Flashlight Giveaway

Orkin Home Education Kit

Enter to win an Orkin Home Education kit and flashlight.  I was always an unusual child.  I loved bugs and still do like spiders and other creepy crawlies!  When I find them in the house, I usually catch them and put them outside.  Bugs are an important part of our ecosystem!  However, even the best bug lover in the world can get overwhelmed and need the help of a professional.  The best way to protect your home is education.

You can enter to win an Orkin Home Education Kit which includes:

  • 2 Orkin Factoids 11×17 Posters
  • Poster #1 – The Pollinators
  • Poster #2 – The Recyclers
  • 1 Orkin bug-finding flashlight
  • 20 Rubber Toy Creepy Crawly Bugs

Take this fun quiz and see how much you actually know about bugs:

I actually got all of the questions correct on the first try!  Haha!  Told you I liked my bugs 🙂  Did you look at the bizarre fact sheet, too?  I didn’t know that termites are born blind!  That’s absolutely fascinating!

HOW TO ENTER TO win an Orkin Education Kit

Mandatory entries are shown initially.  Completing them and submitting your name and email, are required to enter and to unlock the optional bonus entries and daily entry options.  There are multiple bonus entry opportunities. You may see them all by clicking the “Options” link on the form.  Presenting entry opportunities one at a time is the default.

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  1. Wow I apparently know NOTHING about bugs…..except my new house is being taken over by every form of them…I was a Pest Pupil with only one answers correct! Feel free to laugh at me all you Pest Pros’!!!!!!!

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