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Whether you are an expecting mom or are like me, and experienced mom with 4 kids, you should check out MomLifeTV.  It’s a free go-to website for parents!  MomLifeTV features videos and articles to help you survive parenting.  They have also been selected as an Honoree by the 17th Annual Webby Awards in the Family/Parenting Category.

I have four kids.  Well, the oldest isn’t really a kid any more.  He’s 22 years old, but he is having problems coping with problems caused by autism, so he still lives at home.  Due to his many issues, he still relates like a child.  His 19-year-old brother is the next in the pecking order.  He has a learning disability and ADHD and, despite being 19, is still in high school.  Each of them are brilliant artists.  Daniel, the oldest produces masterpieces with his Wacom Digi Tablet and Josh prefers pencils and charcoal.

The third and fourth child are both my husband’s children by another marriage.   The oldest is a 14 year-old boy and the youngest, the only girl, is 12 years old.  The 14 year-old is an above average student interested in dance and parkour.  He loves music and playing guitar.  Lydia is in gifted programs and is a social butterfly.  She just absorbs all the attention she can get and loves spending time with adults.

Despite having been a mom for a long time, I still need some help occasionally.  One tried-and-true method that motivates one child will backfire with a different child.  My children are so different from one another that many people would never guess they are from the same family.  When I say I need tips to “survive parenting,” I wasn’t speaking lightly.

I spent a couple of hours exploring MomLifeTV and, so far, am impressed with the number of timely articles and videos I found that fit a question I have about each one of my children.  For instance, our 14-year-old son often complains about feeling tired in school.  We took the first common sense step we could think of. We set our router to turn off after bedtime and made sure that he wasn’t staying up surfing the web.  Still, he is having trouble staying awake in class.  I found an article on MomLifeTV under the “Moms of Teens” tab that suggested the amount of light he gets in the morning could cause issues.  Guess I will be rearranging his room to make use of optimal morning light.

My little Lydia just loves to snack.  I have a hard time finding healthy foods that she will eat.  Apparently, I am not alone.  I found a MomLifeTV video in the “Kids in School” section about getting kids to eat healthy fats using the Eat a Rainbow program.  Time for a snack drawer overhaul.

I also found a video under “Moms of Teens” about dealing with an ADHD student transitioning from high school to adulthood.  While I don’t believe that Josh is college bound, sine he is graduating from high school in May, I definitely found the advice very timely.  I even found a video relating certain food allergies to autistic symptoms.  While I am not sure it pertains to Daniel, it’s still worth sharing it with his doctor and seeing what he says.

MomLifeTV abounds with videos for expecting parents, as well.  I saw videos on everything from getting pregnant to preparing for labor.  If you are pregnant, do you know what foods to eat to make sure your developing child has the best chance at an above average intelligence?  Did you know that taking a folic acid supplement may help avoid autism?  After the baby gets here, how do you choose a pediatrician?  How do you say “no” when you become overwhelmed by all the visitors coming to see your new baby?  My niece’s baby makes an appearance in May, so I will definitely be sending her the link.

In addition to parenting tips, MomLifeTV also offers career advice, relationships, travel, shopping and budgeting.  I bookmarked the site and will continue to reference it for any parenting questions.  Even though I’ve been around the block a few times, I still don’t know everything.  I know that new moms and moms with school-aged children can glean plenty of useful information, too.  Be sure to sign up for their newsletter as well, so you will know when they post new articles that may be relevant to your parenting situation.  You can also check them out on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

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