Miracle-Gro: The Gro Project’s Garden Inspirations

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Miracle-Gro: The Gro Project’s Garden Inspirations

Miracle-GroEven though we are still expecting a little snow in a few days, I think Spring is finally here in Minnesota.  My yard finally thawed out this week and shows no indication that, until a few days ago, it was buried under a foot of snow for the last 6 months.

I am feeling the gardening itch.  I want to see some color and I would love some fresh veggies.  The only problem is that I am bored with run of the mill planting scenarios.  I don’t typically enjoy yard work much, so I want to do something different and eye catching.  I want to do unique gardening projects that will inspire me to spend some time tending to the plants.  Or, I’d like to do something that can be grown indoors and add a spark of unexpected joy to an otherwise ho-hum house plant.

Ukelele GardenI’ve been checking out Miracle-Gro’s Facebook page, The Gro Project and am really feeling inspired!  The Ukelele garden attracted my attention.  My youngest son plays guitar and I’m sure that he has one of the old toy guitars that has been rendered unusable by time and age.  It’s about the same size as a Ukelele, so it should work perfectly for that gardening project.  It’s looks pretty easy!  You just drill a hold in the end of the instrument and remove the strings.  Next, fill the center body hole with Moisture Control Potting Mix and then place your desired plant in the soil.  It works best with a small plant like ivy.  Just be sure to keep it happy and fed with Shake’n Feed All Purpose Plant Food. You can download the template, step-by-step instructions and shopping list for this and other project right off the Miracle-Gro Facebook page.

Here’s a little video for a little more about the uber-fun, ever GRO-ing Gro Project:

Also, be sure to check out the fun garden projects on Miracle-Gro’s Pinterest page.  I really liked their “Stepping into Spring” board, probably because I am so excited that Spring is finally here.  There is a really cute idea for using old license plates as planters.  I could grow my greens in a more green fashion!  Our car tag recently expired and I was wondering how best to dispose of it!  This project will keep it out of the landfill and have it serve a useful purpose.  They have all kinds of completely pinnable projects and gardening tips.  I may try the GYOB (Grow Your Own Bar) project.  I do a bit of entertaining and love to keep a fully stocked bar.  I don’t usually think of herbs as a beverage ingredient, except for mint or basil.  This could broaden my horizons!

The Miracle-Gro  site contains a lot of information for new gardeners, too!  Be sure to check out the Gardening 101 article – or the article about growing bulbs in containers.  I’m going to keep an eye out for the Gro-ables™ Seed Pods™, too.  Of course, they also have a huge library of articles for seasoned gardener and professional.

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4 thoughts on “Miracle-Gro: The Gro Project’s Garden Inspirations

  1. What a wonderful way to repurpose an item, and have a lovely planter, as well! I love your photo, where it says Meet Me. Such a great shot, I almost feel like I’m there!

  2. This is really neat. I didn't know miracle grow had a site with so much information and ideas. I did use a guitar as a decoration in my garden one year and it didn't last very long before it rotted away.

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