Find out where Kids Eat Free – MANY places

Kids Eat Free – MANY places

Kids Eat Free

Don’t you love it when kids eat free in restaurants?  I have lots of friends with young kids and grand kids that will probably appreciate this list of places to eat free.  Just enter your zip code and day of the week and they will give you a list of places they know about in your area.  There were 18 in my neighborhood.

Enter your zip code and the day you want to eat on the widget on their page and you will find LOTS of great places that kids can eat free. This is a great option for parents of young kids or grandparents treating their kids out for dinner.  I wonder if I can convince my teenagers to eat off the kids menus?  LOL – anyway – check out -US only

My kids have never been big on eating off the kids menus because they always preferred the food the adults were eating.  Of course, my kids eat sushi and stuff most kids won’t touch.  If your kids eat what most kids eat, and aren’t insistent on eating off the adult menu, then this will be an excellent resource for those nights you just wanna get out but want to save a bit of dough.

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