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Free Tattoos, Magnets and more from the TNT Club

Free Tattoos, Magnets and more

Sign up for the TNT club and get lots of freebies like a poster, stickers, a magnet a TNT Tattoo and more. US only.

We love fireworks.  We have even been known to shoot off a few.  Fireworks are illegal in Florida where I grew up.  However, they weren’t illegal in Alabama.  We lived walking distance from Alabama, so would drive to Wilcox, AL and buy real fireworks – you know, the kind that actually go up and go boom.  Then, we would go to the beach in Alabama and shoot them off.  I hope some coupons come with it, too!

After I clicked “Join the Club”, I got a confirmation pop-up that said “Success!  We have processed your request. Thanks!”  I can’t wait to see what all comes with it!

NOTE: This is still valid and I received mine in the mail already.  I got stickers, tattoos, a poster and a small magnet

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