Free Especially Escada Elixir Cologne Samples – International

Free Cologne Samples from Escada

free Escada Cologne Sample

Get a free sample of Escada cologne for women – International NOTE: One person has said they had problems with their Ontario zip.  Please comment below if it works or not in your area.

They only have one sample available now:

  • Especially Escada Elixir – a new interpretation of the rose fragrance.
  • Born in Paradise

Previously, they offered several samples, but they have run out and only have one – so hurry and get yours before it’s gone, too!

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Free Child Safety Kit

Free Child Safety Kit

Free Child Safety Kit Get a free Child Safety Kit from the Polly Klass Foundation.  Teach your kids to know which strangers to approach for help if they become lost and how to recognize and respond to potentially dangerous situations.

Discussing these issues in a way that doesn’t instill fear and anxiety in your child is not an easy task, but you want them ready if they become separated from you unexpectedly.  This free kit offers special no-scare tips for all age groups.  You can also record your child’s fingerprints and learn to sample and safely store your child’s DNA in your own home.

People in the US can order the kit on this link.  People outside the US, use this link.

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Free Vegetarian Starter Pack and Recipe book

Free Recipe book and Vegetarian Starter Pack

Free Vegetarian Starter pack

Whether you are a new vegetarian or just experimenting with Meatless Mondays, you are bound to find some good recipes in this vegetarian starter packPeople in the  US and International people can download it.  It’s full of recipes, tips and information on vegetarian products.  It IS from PETA.  Even though I am a vegetarian, I find them over the top sometimes.  I do not believe in vigilante justice or shock tactics to further a cause.   However, I am always game for a free vegetarian cookbook!  With all the holiday cooking coming up, I will love having more recipes to choose from to serve!  

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Free Calvin Klein Perfume Sample – International?

Free Calvin Klein Perfume Sample

Free Calvin Klein Perfume SampleGet a free Calvin Klein Perfume Sample. Just plug in your address and email to receive a free sample of Beauty, a new fragrance by Calvin Klein.  Doesn’t this just sound like a delightful perfume fragrance?  I think Beauty is a great name for something with undertones of blooming lilies, ambrette seeds, jasmine, and cedarwood. It doesn’t specify US only, so I guess it’s worth trying no matter where you live.

The fine print specifies one postcard sample per customer.  I wish it was more than just a postcard, but I am grateful to get to try it without having to drive to the nearest perfume counter.  If it smells good, lasts for an evening and (most importantly) my husband likes it, I will consider purchasing it.

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Free Yellowstone Sticker & Travel Guide – International

Free Yellowstone Sticker

Free Yellowstone StickerGet a free Yellowstone sticker and travel guide from the Wyoming Office of Tourism.  If you actually visit Wyoming and stop by any visitor’s information center, you can get three more and collect the whole set. I think this offer is valid internationally since the form asks for your country as well as your address.

I have always wanted to visit Yellowstone.  Recently, while visiting a friend, I noticed her beautiful photographs displayed on a prominent shelf.  Each of them were from Yellowstone.  She says it is a photographer’s paradise.

One of these days, I will get to go see it.  I know the kids will enjoy it.  For now, I will live vicariously through stickers and travel guides!  Yellowstone or Bust!

Have you ever been to Yellowstone National Park?  Did you enjoy it?

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Free Pork recipe booklets from the Pork Board – International

Free Pork recipe booklets from the Pork Board – International

Free Pork Recipe BookletsThe Pork Board has updated their list of available free Pork Recipe Booklets.  I know some of y’all like to cook ham for the holidays, so maybe you can find some inspiration in some of these free recipe books.

If you live in the US, you can have Free Pork Recipe Booklets mailed to you.  Click on blue link above one of the pictures to generate the form.  If you click the pictures, themselves, they redirect you to download the PDF.  If you live internationally, you get the PDF.  PDF required.

Currently, you can choose from:

  • Grilling Pork
  • The Pork Chop
  • Pork Be Inspired
  • State Fair Chops
  • Pork Shoulder
  • Juicy News!

Check out some of the other cookbooks and recipes on the site

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