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Free Book by Mail: Healthy Relationships – International

Free Book by mail or download:  Healthy Relationships

free Book Healthy Relationships Unity will send you a free book titled Healthy Relationships.  Just fill out your address. You can request it by mail, but you can also download it.

Here is what Unity says about their newest book release:

This new booklet will show you how applying positive spiritual principles can absolutely transform your relationships. You’ll learn how to:

  • Bless someone by really listening to them
  • Truly forgive (it’s easier than you think!)
  • See people and relationships rightly
  • Deal with challenging people and relationships
  • Practice nonviolent communication

This appears to be available to international visitors.  Registration is not required to receive this free book.

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Free Book – Living on Purpose: Creating a Life You Love – International

Free Book – Living on Purpose

free book: living on purposeGet this free book from Unity – good internationally – and you can download it or order the hard copy.

From the Site

You are filled with unlimited divine potential. By tapping into the power of God within, you can manifest abundant good.

It begins with listening to the still small voice within that knows the next step to take … then setting intentions and applying your God-given creative power to achieve your goals.

You have the power to create the life of your dreams!

That’s why Unity created our newest booklet to share with you—Living on Purpose: Creating a Life You Love.

Instead of waiting for something meaningful to unfold in your life, seize the opportunity to make something happen. Your copy of Living on Purpose: Creating a Life You Love will inspire you to:
  • ·      Make joy a habit
  • ·      Dream big
  • ·      Listen to your higher self
  • ·      Accept that you are not your feelings
  • ·      Live your most authentic life
  • ·      Become Spirit in action

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Free Booklet: Release Your Inner Splendor from Unity – International

Free Lent 2012: Release Your Inner Splendor Booklet

lent 2012 booklet

I realize this is more than a bit after Easter.  I posted it a few weeks ago and it’s still good – so I am reposting it again for those that missed it.

Unity Church is offering a free booklet – Release your Inner Splendor.  The description sounds like something that we could all benefit from – even outside of the Lent holiday.

From their site:

Release Your Inner Splendor

will also help you:

  • ·      Open new channels to give and receive love.
  • ·      Give way to the flow of life.
  • ·      Gain new spiritual understanding.
  • ·      Transcend past experience.
  • ·      Awaken from the illusion of lack.
  • ·      Surrender that which doesn’t serve your greater purpose.


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Free Bible Basics Book – International

Free Bible Basics Book

Free Bible Basics

Get a Free Bible Basics Book.  Bible Basics is a 385 page book, outlining the basic doctrines of the Bible.  It is available in many languages, as well.

Quote from their site:

Once you have understood and believed these, you should be ready to commit yourself seriously to the Lord Jesus Christ and be baptized into Him. Many have all ready used Bible Basics to study the Word of God for themselves without the aid of any church, sect, priest or pastor.

They also believe that Satan (or the devil) isn’t a personal being. They apply the Isaiah 14 Bible passage about Lucifer to the King of Babylon.  They also consider demons to be the language of the day for mental illnesses. Bible Basics is written from the Unitarian perspective.

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No Longer a Slumdog – Free Book International

No longer a Slumdog – Free Book

No longer a slumdog book

Get a free Christian Book, No Longer a Slumdog, from the Gospel for Asia.  International

Read about the triumph over tragedies from Asia’s smallest voices, the children.   K.P. Yohannan, shares the tales of children and villages that he encountered during his missionary work overseas.  He dreams of changing lives for the better and reaching out to communities in desperate need.  Read along as Yohannan sheds light on the darkest corners of the world.

You can also opt in to receive the GFA newsletter to hear about their work in South Asia.

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Free Revolution in World Missions Book – International

Free Book – Revolution in World Missions

Revolution in World Missions Free Book

Free Christian Book, Revolution in World Missions, about missions in Asia.  This book is available Internationally
Learn to think more about eternity and less about the ego.  Learn to make a difference in the world and the lives of others.

Revolution in World Missions brings a new way of thinking about yourself and the way you interact with your world and promises to change your life in a radical way.

Walk with Dr. K.P. Yohannan, learning from his experiences in the villages of India to the shores of Europe and North America. This book is about his passion to change the lives of a desperate world.  More than just another Christian book, this book offers true stories and real life statistics.

Revolution in World Missions is a religious book with true missionary stories and their efforts to bring the gospel to those who have never heard it.

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