Hard Water Test Strip from Morton’s Salt

Free Hard Water Test Strip from Morton’s Salt

free hard water test strip

Get a free hard water test strip to check your water.  Do you have hard water? Do you need a water softener? Morton Salt will send you a hard water test strip to help you find out if you have any hard water issues. Just run the test strip under water to evaluate your water hardness.  When I lived in Orlando, we had very hard water.  When I moved to Minnesota, our water was also hard.  We moved to yet another house in Minnesota and this neighborhood has hard water, too.

Hard water damages clothing in the washer.  It also makes your soaps and shampoos lather less, meaning you need to use more to get clean results.  That costs money!  We use a water softener, now, and I can definitely see the difference.  This will be handy if you’d like to test your water hardness levels, too. US only

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