Free Vegetarian Starter Pack and Recipe book

Free Recipe book and Vegetarian Starter Pack

Free Vegetarian Starter pack

Whether you are a new vegetarian or just experimenting with Meatless Mondays, you are bound to find some good recipes in this vegetarian starter packPeople in the  US and International people can download it.  It’s full of recipes, tips and information on vegetarian products.  It IS from PETA.  Even though I am a vegetarian, I find them over the top sometimes.  I do not believe in vigilante justice or shock tactics to further a cause.   However, I am always game for a free vegetarian cookbook!  With all the holiday cooking coming up, I will love having more recipes to choose from to serve!  

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4 thoughts on “Free Vegetarian Starter Pack and Recipe book

  1. I love veggies and I think that I could eat salad everyday. There are a lot of things that you can make with veggies and don't even miss the meat.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful posts. I sent off for a couple of useful things, but it hasn’t been 2-8 weeks yet so I can’t sing their praises. However, thank you so much more for knowing and recognizing that PETA is not exactly altruistic. They state right in their info that (despite the fact that there are pictures of their members with pets) they believe you are bad for owning and caring for animals as pets, and they own at least one euthanasia site which is where they send the animals they rescue from labs (not exactly a better death than if one were to die helping find a cure for cancer or something). It’s kind of horrible even if you don’t know they fund domestic terrorism (bombings), and even if you aren’t a vegan who opposes their use of film (which contains animal compounds in manufacture). I truly appreciate the fact that you posted this offer and still chose to share information about the company for the sake of truth. I hope this response will help at least one fellow animal lover to not fund people who kill animals senselessly.

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