Free Vegetarian Restaurant Guide to DC

Free Vegetarian Restaurant Guide

free vegetarian restaurant guide

I love free vegetarian restaurant guides for cities.  I want to go to Washington DC one day.  I want to see the museums – especially the Museum of Natural History.  When I go, it will be handy to know what restaurants in the area cater to (or at least have options for) vegetarians like me!   I will get this free Veg DC guide

 Thanks to Annette R for finding this one for me!  It has 40-pages of 400 veg-friendly restaurants, bakeries, and food trucks.   US only

I got this in this free Vegetarian Restaurant Guide to DC in the mail not even two weeks after applying for it – so it does come.  It includes restaurants in Washington, DC., Virginia and Maryland as well. If you live in any of those areas, and are looking for veg restaurants in the capitol area, you will likely find a lot of use out of this free guide.  If you are traveling to those areas, it would be a good idea to ask for this as well.

This Free Vegetarian Restaurant Guide gives you a mini-breakdown on each restaurant.  In addition to their addresses, it includes their websites and what kind of foods they offer.  I really like the website information.  It’s handy to look at the online menus if the restaurants have them.

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