Free Truvia Sample and Coupon – No Calorie Sweetener

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Free Truvia Sample

free truvia sample

Get a free Truvia Sample when you join the Truvia eClub. You will also get a coupon good on any future purchase. US only

Truvia is a natural no calorie sweetener made from Stevia and is actually sweeter than sugar.  I am seeing more and more products on the market sweetened with leaves from the stevia plant. I began using stevia from the health food store long before Truvia was around.  To be honest, while it’s sweet, it’s got a slightly metallic aftertaste that I can’t adjust to.  Some people seem to enjoy it and do not notice the aftertaste.  The only way you will know is to try it – and here is your opportunity to do so for free.

They also have a Truvia Baking Blend. Truvia Baking blend is a blend of stevia and sugar.

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