Free Printable No Soliciting Sign (except Scouts)

Free Printable No Soliciting Sign – except Scouts (we love them)!

Free Printable No Soliciting Sign - except Scouts

Free Printable No Soliciting Unless you’re a Scout Sign – Opens in a new window

So, do you want to know why I made this Free Printable No Soliciting Sign to share with the world? I am sitting at my desk trying to work and this young woman in her early 20’s strolls up to my house and rings the doorbell.  I can see her from my office.  I don’t recognize her and she is hauling a clipboard.  I am guessing that she is probably selling something.  I am too busy to deal with a solicitor, so I ignore the doorbell.  She rings it again.  I continue to ignore it.  Finally, she starts banging on the door.  You would think after 3 rounds with the doorbell I am REALLY either not interested or not home.  She begins to bang on the door… hard.  I ignore it until she does it the third time.

I stomp to the door.  She has to hear my footsteps, as I am fuming by now, kicking myself for not having gotten a no soliciting sign yet.  I throw open the door and my cat goes darting out.  She just stands there staring while I retrieve the run-away kitten.  If I don’t catch him, I could face a fine in my neighborhood.  He doesn’t want to be caught, so I end up with scratches.

While I am wrestling with the cat, the “conversation” goes something like this:

Her: “Are you the mom of the house?”
Me :”Just tell me what you are selling.”
Her: “I am the neighborhood book lady and I sell children’s books.” It’s clear she’s not from MY neighborhood, she’s not MY neighborhood’s book lady.
Me: “My kids have outgrown children’s books.”  I begin to shut the door as the cat almost made it out again and I am obviously not interested.
Her: (Grabs the screen door to keep me from closing it.) “Can you tell me which ones of these people are empty nesters so I don’t waste my time?”
Me: I am still fighting with a restless kitten that scratches the mess out of me trying to get to the door.  At this point, I could care less about HER time.  She obviously doesn’t care about mine.  However, my next door neighbor is gravely ill and on hospice.  I don’t want them troubled.  The rest of them are not at home or have no children.  I do tell her to avoid the house will the sick neighbor, but tell her I don’t know what my neighbors would be interested in.
Her: (Pressing the issue) “You don’t know which of your neighbors have small children?”
Me: My kids are too old to play with small children, so, as I said, you will just have to ask them yourself – and I promptly get scratched… again.

This girl just couldn’t take a hint and, by this point, I would not buy water from her if I was on fire!

Now, my family loves scouts.  I will buy girl scout cookies all day long – and have bought them from more than one girl in a season.  In fact, my own daughter is a scout.  Last year, we bought over $100 worth of cookies from her – and then still bought from each of the scouts that visited us.  I gave them away on the site.  I also buy Christmas wreaths from the boy scouts.  My own kids are in school, so I don’t buy all the school sales stuff unless I get it from them.  If a politician comes to my door, he or she just lost my vote (if they had it to begin with).  I don’t donate to door-to-door charities.  I give through local charities I am familiar with and the only people I talk religion with is my friends or family.  In short, if you are a solicitor, I don’t need what your selling (unless you are selling cookies or wreaths for the scouts.)

However, try as I might, I could find no pre-made no soliciting signs that excluded scouts from the warning.  I also wanted my no soliciting sign to explicitly mention that I don’t contact from schools, politicians, charities, surveys, petitioners, religious people or sales people.  I obviously needed to customize my very own sign.

At any rate, I went through the effort to print up a no soliciting sign for my front door.  I thought I would share it with like-minded people who don’t welcome solicitors, but don’t mind scouts.  You can either click on the picture above, or download it from right here.  Enjoy the Free Printable No Soliciting Sign – and hopefully, it will stave off the solicitors!

Now, if I could just get the phone book people to also abide by this!

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18 thoughts on “Free Printable No Soliciting Sign (except Scouts)

  1. your story sounds horrid. It sounded a lot like that one that didn't answer door and they broke in and she hid in closet with her 2 kids for safety. but the way she acted and so nosy. she may have been casing the neighborhood for burgleries to indulge in. I give no info to anyone like that and always ask for names, ID's I hope the sign works for the pests.

    1. Very true! I laugh about this incident now – but it sure wasn't funny at the time when I was trying to hold on to a cranky cat. I guess I should have told her that I would listen to her sales pitch if she would hold the cat! LOL.

  2. Really crazy story I gotta say, especially about the cat :D, I know that isn't the point but you are absolutely right some people just cant take a hint, I have background in sales, was trained on the concept of , no no let go, meaning if the client objects twice let them go otherwise you will lose them for the future… its a great idea you have to customize the no soliciting sign.

    1. Thanks 🙂 I didn't want to discourage the scouts. We have so many in our neighborhood and I really believe in what they do and the values they teach kids.

  3. Tough neighborhood! No solicitors in or pets out allowed! In a somehow similar situation, I have convinced the rep to join my company! I am certain that her boss is the real problem!

  4. I have pretty much stopped answering my door until I am expecting someone. I just can't say no… So I avoid…:-)

  5. It’s nice of you to share your sign for others to use. I live so far out of town I don’t have people knocking on our door. We did have a trick or treater a few years ago and that was kind of cool.

    1. Brian – we LOVE Trick Or Treaters. Halloween is a bigger deal than almost any other holiday for us. I used to live in the boondocks and door-to-door marketers didn’t bother me. Now, I live in the suburbs and they are continually knocking on the door or littering our doorstep with their flyers. It just gets so overwhelming after a while. Before the sign, we were averaging 3-4 a day.

  6. Why didn't you just say straight away "I'm not interested and very busy!" And left it at that? If you don't allow people like that, to think they have the slightest chance of a conversation they will go away!

    1. I guess I was already pretty ticked about her banging on my door for a solid 5 minutes and wasn't thinking too clearly. As it turned out, even when I told her I wasn't interested, she would not let go of the door and let me close it.

  7. I love your sign and I plan to use it. We’ve had 4 already this summer and I just can’t stand it. My husband works 3rd and sleeps 1st and they always seem to come when he is sleeping!! In fact the other day he was in a car wreck. Thank the Lord he is perfectly fine, but he got to bed late because of it and needed extra sleep, but a solicitor came. I told them to “Please Go Away Now” in a very mean angry tone and shut the door, but it was too late. It woke him up and he couldn’t get back to sleep and only got 6 hours when he really needed like 10 that particular day. It’s frustrating.

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