*EXPIRED* Free Pepsi Next 2 Liter – Still Valid

Free Pepsi Next 2 Liter

Free Pepsi Next 2 Liter

Get a free Pepsi Next 2 Liter, but you gotta hurry!

This unusual offer for free soda ends when 1 million people request it.  The first 1 million to sign up will receive a coupon for a free Pepsi Next.  The coupon expires on March 31.

Originally this offer was supposed to expire on February 5, but it seems that it’s still valid.  The date limitation is no longer mentioned on the site at all.

My kids will be happy.  I don’t usually get soda for the house unless we are doing something special.  It’s got 60% less sugar and is sweetened additionally with aspartame.  It’s lower calorie, but not diet.  I’m not a fan of high fructose corn syrup or of giving children a regular diet of artificial sweeteners. Once in a while, I will let them have a sugary soda.  It’s more of a treat for them then.

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15 thoughts on “*EXPIRED* Free Pepsi Next 2 Liter – Still Valid

  1. I am disabled Navy veteran and cannot work. All I have is my computer to help me out in many ways especially receiving free items. I would either you send me the coupon by internet /or postal because I can’t fins the form to fill out. Pepsi is my favorite. Ny address is *DELETED BY ADMIN*, Franz

    1. Franz, I deleted your address. This is a public comment and I didn’t want your address there for the world to see. I don’t send out freebies or coupons. I just link to the companies that have current promotions. You will need click the link in the blog post above and request it from Pepsi. When I click on the link, the form is still there. Let me know if you need any further assistance.

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