Free Kitchen Magnet – Deal Germs a 1-2 Punch – International

Free Deal Germs a 1-2 Punch free Kitchen Magnet

free kitchen magnet

This is a really cute magnet!  Get a free Deal Germs a 1-2 punch magnet

. Other resources on their site are available in multiples, but this one is limited to one per household.  This free magnet has been around for a while and the offer is still good.  I requested it and received it.  It’s on my refrigerator.  I used it to remind my older kids of the proper way to use bleach-based kitchen cleaners.

This is designed to help teach kids about food safety.   Of course, young children helping in the kitchen should never be allowed to use bleach or other potentially harmful kitchen cleaners.  My kids are not small children.  International

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