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Free John Frieda Hare Care Sample

free John Frieda Hair care sample or $3 off coupon

Get a free John Frieda Hair care sample or $3 off coupon.  Just fill out the survey about your hair.  If you answer “Strongly Agree” to everything, I think they offer you a free sample.  That’s what I put and they said I would get a sample in a few weeks.  A friend put Disagree or Neutral and they offered her the coupon.

I’m not sure which product sample they send, but they do ask about your hair color and hair concerns.  Brilliant Brunette was previously one of my favorites shampoos.  To be honest, I am not sure why I stopped using it.  I’ve lost hair and it hasn’t been shiny lately.  Guess I need to go back to using it.

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7 thoughts on “Free John Frieda Shampoo Samples

  1. It looks like they’re out of samples. I put “strongly agree” on everything and got this message:

    “We’re Sorry, All Offers Are Gone!
    Due to an overwhelming response, all samples are gone.

    “Sign up for the John Frieda® Hair Care Elite Club for future offers and insider tips.”

    They didn’t even offer me a coupon. Bummer.

    1. Odd – I just tried it again – and it offered me a sample. I wonder if it also depends on your hair needs? I told them that my hair is dark brown and I have problem with frizz. What did you put?

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