Free Emergen-C Samples of Vitamin C Energy Booster

Free Emergen-C Samples of Vitamin Drinks

Free Emergen-C Samples

Get some free Emergen-C samples just in time for the winter cold season.  The vitamin drink mix gives you 1000 mg of C plus B vitamins and more.  US only

They will send you a sample of several flavors.  My kids loved these when I got them.  I put them in their snack drawer.  You mix them with water and you get this tasty, vitamin infused beverage.   Each beverage has a different specialty – some of them are energy boosters.  Some of the Emergen-C flavors are immune boosters.  Some of the flavors are just for general, overall health.

This offer for free Emergen-C is still valid – I got 3 different flavors – Tangerine, Pink and Lemon-lime.  It looks like what is pictured now is Pink (which a flavor in designed for Breast Cancer Awareness), Raspberry and Tangerine (on the US page).  I am not sure if the flavor of the Emergen-C samples are random, or if you get what is in the picture.  Additionally, I am not sure if the Canadian samples (which are Vitascorb) are the same flavors.  The site for Canada does not specify and there are no pictures.

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