Free Christian Book: Fast Living

Free Fast Living Book

Free Fast Living Christian Book

Fast Living is based on Isaiah 58 in the Bible.  Isaiah 58 talks about fasting and prayer to overthrow injustice, oppression and poverty.  It talks about fasting and forgiveness.  Personally, I would love to see more churches take on a heart for the poor.  Too many of the churches I have visited claim they can’t help the community they serve because they can barely keep the lights on.  Some others do things like pack boxes for soup kitchens, but they perform the act with such pomp that I must wonder if they do it to feed the poor or draw attention to themselves.  Tending to the poor with humility, in my opinion, is a fundamental mission of the church.  I was even in one church where they asked a homeless man to leave.  I do not currently attend a church as I haven’t found one in Minnesota where I feel it’s more than just a social network.   OK.  Off my soapbox 🙂

Request a free copy of Dr. Scott C. Todd’s book, Fast Living: How the Church Will End Extreme Poverty, to help engage your church with Isaiah 58.  US only. Your church name and phone number are required elements as this free book is intended for church leadership.

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