Free American Baby Magazine Subscription

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Free American Baby Magazine Subscription

Free American Baby Magazine Subscription

Get a Free American Baby Magazine Subscription.  If you have kids, do you remember what it was like when your children were babies? Just because the phrase is cliché, doesn’t mean it is not true: Children are not born with manuals. I had read every baby book and pregnancy book on the market when I was pregnant with my boys, but none of those books really helped me with the day-to-day. I did, however, subscribe to American Baby Magazine and every issue was dog-eared beyond belief. I was constantly turning to it as a resource due to its helpful articles.

When my second son was born, I was completely at a loss on how to deal with the my first son’s reaction to this total disruption in his life. He was thrilled at times to help with his baby brother and other times, became jealous of him and withdrawn. I read tips in the magazine to help lower his stress. I was always trying to include both of the boys in everything – and American Baby Magazine had a tip to set separate mommy time set apart for the older sibling, so he still feels special. It was a simple tip, but had it not been for my free American Baby Magazine subscription, I don’t know if could have survived the stress of toddler jealousy. I mean, two-year-olds are tough enough, right?

When my older son started displaying symptoms of developmental delays, it was my free American Baby magazine subscription, again that helped me to realize that he was not developing as he should have been. My older son was not talking or saying simple words well beyond two years old. His pediatrician would not listen to me, but thanks to American Baby magazine, I knew that something wasn’t right and sought out a specialist. The month-to-month developmental articles were very helpful to me and my son when we needed them the most.

I can honestly say that new moms need all the help they can get. If you know of a new mom that needs some month-to-month tip on how to deal with common parenting issues, (or if you are a new mom yourself) you can get a free one year subscription to American Baby Magazine It may be just the help she needs in the middle of the night when she’s trying to soothe a colicky baby. What better gift could you give a new mom than the gift of a mommy survival guide. No kid is born with a manual, but a magazine with a few tips would probably be most appreciated!


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