Enter to Win 80Bites Diet and Weight Loss App

Enter to Win 80Bites Diet and Weight Loss App

80Bites Diet App

I’m giving away the 80Bites Diet and Weight Loss App.

This app isn’t about counting calories, it’s more about portion control.  When you pile up your plate, you get used to eating more and your stomach stretches out.  80Bites is about retraining your body to being full on normal portions of food.

It works on a simple premise.  80Bites doesn’t care what you eat.  It cares how much you eat.  Every time you take a bite, you track it in the app.  It’s like having a pedometer for your mouth.  Instead of counting steps, you are counting bites.  You tap the app in rhythm with each of the bites you take.  So, the app also has a method of telling you, not only how much you are eating, but also how fast.  In addition to graphs that tally meal frequency, number of bites eaten and chewing speed, the app also offers coaching, encouragement and feedback on your progress.

When you reach 80 bites of food for the day, you are done.  I’ve been trying to lose weight and have found this a nice addition to my routine.  By becoming conscious of how many bites I eat, I have slowed down how quickly I eat.  I have found that I am actually more satisfied with less food.  If you stick with the plan for 12 weeks, your stomach should shrink down to a normal size.

The 80Bites.com website has also proven to be a useful tool.  The 12 week program is divided up into 4 themes.  Each week, a new tip becomes available within that theme.  There also seems to be tasks associated with each of the themes as well.  The hope is that by following the 80Bites plan, you will become accustomed to eating less, and still be able to enjoy your favorite foods.  It’s not about deprivation.  It’s about portion control.

You can check out the 80bites app and the 80Bites website for more information.

While the 80Bites website is useful, you don’t have to have a subscription for the app to be useful.  I am giving away a free copy of the iTunes version.  Please note that you must have

Would you like to win a free copy of the app?  You must have an iPad or iPod for the app to work.  Enter below!

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