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Puffs & Bounty Back To School Sweepstakes and Coupon

Puffs & Bounty Back To School Sweepstakes

Puffs & Bounty Back To School Sweepstakes Enter to the Puffs & Bounty Back To School Sweepstakes to win a year’s supply of Puffs and Bounty for you and your favorite school.  Summer just started and these guys are already talking about school starting back!  Is it just me, or does time just seem to whiz by!  The winner will receive 24 boxes of Puffs and 40 rolls of Bounty.  Their choice school gets 2,160 boxes of Puffs and 4,160 rolls of Bounty.  If you are one of the first 100,000 entrants, you get a $2.50 coupon for Puffs and Bounty by mail!

Just head over to their Facebook page, read and agree to the official rules and good luck!  You can enter daily to increase your chances of winning.

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$1.00 Biotrue Contact Lens solution coupon

$1 Printable Biotrue coupon

biotrue coupon

Get this printable $1.00 coupon on 10 oz. or larger size of  Biotrue Contact Lens solution.  US only I never could hack wearing contact lenses as much as I despised glasses!  I know a lot of people who swear by them though.

Both my son and my husband just started wearing contacts.  My son seems to really enjoy wearing contacts, so I printed this for him.  Just give them your name, email and tell them what brand of solution you normally use.  A new window opens so you can print the coupon.  Print this coupon twice by hitting the back button after the first printing.

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Printable Afrin Coupon – Save $1

Save $2 with a printable Afrin Coupon

Printable Afrin Coupon

Save $2 with a printable Afrin Coupon.  I hate being sick.  I have a high threshold for pain, but I completely stop functioning if I can’t breathe.  Seriously, I had a C-Section and was taking care of the baby by myself that afternoon.  I even packed my own bags to leave the hospital.  I had two wisdom teeth pulled and didn’t need any pain killer at all.  However, if I get congested, my world completely stops.  I can’t stand that feeling that I can’t breathe.

We are fast approaching one of those times of year, as well, where I continually get congested, too.  Every time the kids go back to school after summer, I end up getting sick.  I also seem to get sick more often in the winter.  I’m not sure why that is.  It just seems to happen that way.  I just know that when I get sick, some medicines can fix the coughing and other cold and flu symptoms, but nothing works on my congestion quite like Afrin.  I like the Severe Congestion with menthol in it.  It helps get me through those days.  More importantly, however, it helps me get through the night because it works for a full 12 hours.  I absolutely cannot sleep when I’m congested.  I have tried the store brands with the same ingredients and they seem to wear off faster for some reason.  I skimp on a lot of things, but not on nasal spray.   So, I will stick up for myself, and print some coupons for Afrin.  When you get to the site, the link to the  printable Afrin coupon is in the upper right and says “Save Now.”  I just got a free sample of it from BzzAgent, too, so I am set for the winter!

They also have a neat widget on the site where you can “squirt” some words of wisdom.   They also have a cute advertisement to for the Stick up for yourself campaign.  What is your favorite of the words of wisdom?   I got a giggle out of one that said “A sigh of relief is breathed through both nostrils.”

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Loreal Magic BB Cream Review and Printable Coupon

Loreal Magic BB Cream Review and Printable Coupon

Loreal Magic BB Cream ReviewSo, BB creams are all abuzz on the market right now.  I just got a free tube of the Loreal Magic BB Cream to Review from SheSpeaks and thought I’d share my opinions of it with you.  A BB cream is a beauty balm or blemish balm.  It’s similar to a tinted moisturizer but usually offers more benefits than a simple moisturizer with a sheer tint.

Loreal’s Magic BB Cream is an all-in-one claiming to provide four benefits.  It’s supposed to deliver the following results

  • prime and smooth the skin, prepping it for for other cosmetics.
  • even out skin tone.
  • hide flaws.
  • offers all day hydration.

First impressions?  Well, my skin has gotten lighter since moving to Minnesota, and I requested the Fair shade.  It comes in four shades from Deep to light.  With adequate blending, it color matches my skin quite well.  But does it live up to it’s promises?

  1. Priming and Smoothing.  The job of a primer is to smooth a surface and prep it for additional color.  I noticed that I could actually wear this alone if I wanted to.  It offers a very natural look.  However, it also did a decent job of smoothing out the skin.  It dried to a powdery finish and was ready for foundation should I want to wear one.  The “Beautifying Beads” blended with my skin tone.  If I purchase more, however, I would like to try one shade darker.  Apparently, my Native American skin didn’t go quite as light as I thought it had.  
  2. Even out skin tone.  Ok.  I am not a spring chicken and am showing early signs of Rosacea (reddening and visible blood vessels) around my nose and on my chin.  The BB cream did an ok job of covering it.   However, after I applied a bit of foundation, it was no longer noticeable at all.  Normally, even with foundation, I have to use copious amounts of concealer to hide the redness.  I didn’t have to with the BB cream.  To be fair, though, the divots around my nose area are quite red, so I was pleased with the coverage.
  3. Hiding Flaws.  As luck would have it, my chin has been breaking out this week.  While the Loreal Magic BB cream did hid the redness, it didn’t hide the big bumps.  But, it did cover other, smaller, uneven spots on my skin.  I think you would have to use concealer to cover anything other than a minor flaw.  It definitely made it less noticeable, though.
  4. All day hydration.  The dry spots on my cheeks have definitely benefited from using the Loreal BB cream.  I still use a nighttime moisturizer, but it does a good job during the day.

For the price, I’d say it’s a pretty good moisturizer.  I would love to see SPF added to it, though, to eliminate one more layer of product I need to use on my face.  It retails for about $10.95 in most mass market stores.  You can find out more about it here.  Additionally, you can print a coupon for $1.00 off any Loreal Paris product to save money on your first purchase of it.  You can print the Loreal Coupon it twice by hitting the back button after the first printing, or by coming back to this post.

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