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Three FREE IHOP Meals!

Okay, y’all.  Here’s some truth.  Pancakes just make life better.  I mean, it’s hard to keep a sour puss on when you’re eating fluffy pancakes.  You know it, I know it, and the folks at IHOP certainly know it!  Fill out this short form (and join what they call the Pancake Revolution) and within 24 hours, you’ll receive a coupon for your first free meal!  Then you’ll get one on your birthday and on the first anniversary of joining!  There’s a lot of “Us vs Them” in the world, but when it comes to pancakes, there is no them.  There’s only us!



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Free Cheese Fondue at Melting Pot!

OMG, I’m excited for this one!  If you are a member of Club Fondue at the Melting Pot, then you are in for a treat.  Between April 7 and April 10, you are eligible for a free cheese fondue!  You have to call the make the reservation (deal not available to online reservations) and you have to mention the promotion when you are making the reservation.  Have a look at the rest of the fine print, too, so you don’t get your hopes dashed!  Mmmm, cheese!



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Kids Eat Free at Olive Garden!

Ever have the thought run through your head, “Oh man, I have to think of something to feed the kids for dinner…AGAIN!”  Well, Olive Garden is making it easier on you.  Now through the 10th of April, if you dine at the Olive Garden, your kid can too….for free!  Valid Mondays through Thursdays, you can get a Kid’s Meal free with the purchase of an adult entree.  Click here for the coupon and enjoy!



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Free Udder Cover!

Looking for the perfect baby shower gift, but don’t have a whole lot of extra cash?  Or maybe you’re a little self conscious about breast feeding in public (not that you should be) and want to cover up.  Well, Udder Covers provide the coverage you’re looking for in a stylish,  fashionable way and right now, if you order one using the promo code MYSAVINGS, you’ll only have to pay shipping and handling to get your very own!



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Turbo Tax Offer!

Ugh, it’s April.  Even worse than the dreaded hoaxes and pranks of April Fool’s Day is the day, just two weeks later, when taxes are due.  Filing your tax return doesn’t have to be the nightmare you dread, though.  Turbo Tax can make it easy.  Well, as easy as filing taxes can be anyway.  And if you create an account with Intuit (the makers of Turbo Tax) you cans start your taxes for FREE!  Bring on April 16th!



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Free Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

You guys, let’s get serious for a second.  These Magic Erasers really are spectacularly good at living up to their name!  I have a toddler and a penchant for spaghetti sauce, so I know about mess, let me tell you.  I’ve never seen a mess that the Magic Eraser couldn’t handle including fingerprints on baseboards and caked on sauce on the stovetop.  So do yourself a tidy little favor and click here, fill out the short form and clean your kitchen like you’ve never cleaned it before with Magic Eraser!


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