Connect the Dots Dinosaurs – Free app – Android/iOS

Free App – Connect the Dots Dinosaurs

Free App Connect the Dots Dino

Download this free app for the Android or iOS device of your choice.  In Connect the Dots Dinosaurs, you tread through prehistoric eras with, connecting the dots on realistic looking dinosaurs.

Here is how to get the full version of this app for free.

  1. Download the free trial version from Google Play, the App Store, the Windows Store or the Kindle Fire app.
  2. Open the game and click Upgrade.
  3. Click and hold the green arrow for 3 seconds to reveal a secret code entry window.
  4. Enter the code FREE4DINO

Awesome!  Now you have another app to keep your child (or you) entertained.  Connect the dots activities teach young kids logic and order, so it’s also educational!

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