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L’Oreal Age Perfect Glow Renewal Facial Oil Review

L’Oreal Age Perfect Skin Care Review

L'Oreal Age Perfect Glow Renewal Facial Oil Review and Printable Coupon Over the last couple of weeks, I have tried out L’Oreal Age Perfect Glow Renewal facial oil.  I know that spreading oil on your face sounds heavy, but I didn’t have that problem with this product.  I found that it is lightweight.  L’Oreal Age Perfect Glow Renewal has 8 essential oils including:

  1. English Lavender
  2. Rosemary Leaf
  3. Geranium
  4. Orange Peel
  5. Roman Chamomile
  6. Rose Flower
  7. Lavandin
  8. Marjoram Leaf

L’Oreal selected the essential oils in Age Perfect Glow Renewal for their ability to impart a healthy glow to dull, dry skin. I love fragrance and the way it just glides on the skin. Even though it’s an oil, it doesn’t leave my skin oily. The product is quickly absorbed and lightweight. It’s comfortable enough to wear under make-up and even helps it go on smoother.

Pros: lightweight, fragrance, moisturizing
Cons: None.  I could really not find any cons.

I got to try this product free as part of the Tryology program at ExpoTv.  ExpoTv is a cool program!  I joined several months ago and have gotten many invites to share my opinions on everything from cosmetics to cereal and cat food.  Sometimes, ExpoTv will send you a free product to try.   Sometimes, they ask you to review one you already own.  Either way, you review the product and earn points for your review.  Redeem the points for awesome things like Gift Cards, store gift certificates, electronics (like a web cam or Wii remote chargers) and more.

L’Oreal Age Perfect Glow Renewal Facial Oil Video Review

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Free Denny’s Meal on Your Birthday US/Canada

Free Denny’s Meal for your Birthday

Free Denny's Meal on Your Birthday Get a free Denny’s Meal on your Birthday. Go in for your special day and net a free Grand Slam (US) or (Canada).  You do have to be 13+ to join; however as a member of Denny’s Rewards, you may also elect to add your children who are 12 years or younger to join and participate using your email address. US/Canada

The US page sometimes hangs and takes a while to load, but the offer is valid.  If ends up timing up, just refresh the page.

In Canada, it looks like you just have to present ID to get your free Grand Slam for your free birthday meal from Denny’s.  In the US, the form asks for your birthday and I am not sure if they email you a coupon for your free meal or exactly how it works.  I have  a birthday coming up and if they send me a reminder email to get my free birthday meal from Denny’s, I will update here and let you know.  Denny’s has changed their service offerings somewhat lately and are offering more vegetarian options the last time I was in.  Of course, I am not sure if that was just a regional thing, though.

At any rate, I love getting free things for my birthday.  It makes me feel special all day!

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Join MyPanera for Birthday Freebies from Panera – US/Canada

MyPanera Birthday Freebies

MyPanera Birthday Freebies

Join the MyPanera Club from Panera bread to get a free birthday treat and free stuff all year long.  US/Canada

I have been a member of MyPanera for a while now.  It works a little differently than other rewards programs.  You go in, ask them to swipe your card to see if you have any free surprises on it.  I have been surprised several times with free bakery pastries or 50% off meals.

Of all the restaurant programs, it’s actually my least favorite because I never know in advance if I have something on my card.  It also appears to be random, so there is nothing I do to earn it.  It just kinda shows up there.  I keep the account around because Panera is one of my favorite quick-eat places.  I absolutely adore their macaroni and cheese.  They were also one of the first restaurants in my area to start labeling foods as vegetarian.  And I do like the free bakery item for my birthday.  That’s a nice touch.

When you register, be sure to give them your phone number.  It makes looking up your rewards account a snap if you don’t have your card on you.


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Get free stuff from Swag bucks 30 free swagbucks! – US/Canada/UK

Swag Bucks Rewards Program

free stuff from swag bucks

Be rewarded for being online with SWAG BUCKS, the web’s premiere digital dollar! Swag Bucks are fun and easy to earn, and can be redeemed for FREE prizes like autographs, mp3s, apparel, even consumer electronics like iPods and plasma TVs! No credit card required!  Get 30 free points just for signing up.  US/Canada/UK

Swagbucks is a loyalty program where you can earn free stuff including 1,000’s of products for doing the things you do everyday.  You can redeem your points for Paypal or prizes.  You can also use them to enter Swagstakes (basically, a a sweepstakes to win a prize from them).  You earn them for actions like printing a coupon, searching the internet or finding their secret swag code.  Swagbucks Reward program is pretty cool in my opinion.

Also, every Friday is MegaSwagBucks where you can earn even more SwagBucks for searching! This site is a lot of fun and always has something fun and new going on!

As an update, my birthday was in October, and they sent me an email containing 50 more swagbucks.  Seems like they just love rewarding their people 🙂  Are you a member of SwagBucks?  How has your experience with them, been.

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Crowdtap – Join and raise money for your favorite causes

Crowdtap Review


I have been pretty active on lately, as many of you know.  You guys have clicked on my “Support Autism Speaks” links and some of you have also gotten involved and started supporting your own charities through it. Some of you are wondering what all the fuss is about.

Crowdtap isn’t an opinion poll site, although they do ask your opinions on many things.  They are not a free sample site, though some users have been picked to try new products and share their experiences with them.  They don’t pay for referrals, so I don’t tell you all about it because I get paid to.  I am telling you all about it because I love the program.

You sign up and pick the charity you want to support.  I picked Autism Speaks because I have a child with autism and it’s a worthy cause.  When you have $10 in your account, you can cash out and make a donation to your charity.  Additionally, when you earn money through them, Crowdtap also donates to your favorite charity.

Every week, they have new topics of discussion.  You reply to their questions and join the join the discussion with other people.  At the end of the “activity” – most seem to be a week,  people that they feel have contributed valuable input are awarded cash prizes.  I have only involved in a few activities so far and have already been picked twice.  I have earned over $30 – which I can either cash out for Amazon gift cards OR add to my and Crowdtap’s donation to the charity of my choice.

At any rate, check it out and let me know what you think!

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Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Eyeshadow Product Review

Physicians Formula Eyeshadow’s durable case and extensive color palette make it the ideal color for anyone.

Pros: Formulated for eye color, durable case, multiple palette in one case for day, night or natural wear

Cons: Case is hard to open

Bought this product at: Walgreens

Overall, I have a love/hate relationship with the case. The case is durable – and I’ve never had it break apart or come open in my purse. On the other hand, the case can be somewhat difficult to open. I love the fact that, as well as being perfectly matched to for eye color, it also comes with 3 different palettes in each case: one for night, one for day or office and one suitable for a more natural lighting. The darker color makes the perfect eyeliner as well. It’s easily bendable and lasts all day.

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